Back in the Day-November 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Urgent!! Kind of...

Ok, here's the deal...the Def Leppard/Journey tour is still going on (WARNING: This is a VERY old post and that tour has been over for more years than Justin Bieber's career will last!) and it's going to be in New Hampshire a week from Sat (11/11/06). I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to this and if anyone would love/kinda want/feel sorry enough for me to go with, there might still be tickets, but I would need to know kind of soon. If I would have to go on my own, I could, but I feel like Def Leppard/Journey is a love that should be shared between two (or more) people...yeah I'm kinky like that. Here is also a list of concerts coming up that I think I/we(whomever you may be) should go to...
Dolly Parton -Nov. 16th, Mohegan Sun
Lionel Richie and Meat Loaf (I would like to see...but they would interfere with the Def Leppard tour which is far more important)
Hot 93.7 Jingle Jam -Dec. 8th Hartford Civic Center
Rock Star Supernova- Jan. 27, 2007-Wallingford Oakdale (I refuse to acknowledge the new name)
Justin Timberlake - March 24, 2007-Mohegan Sun
Also...just in case, these are the shows that I would have to see to catch up on my Broadway addiction...
Tarzan, Wicked, A Chorus Line (for real!), Avenue Q, Company, The History Boys, Les Miserables (it's baaaack!), Mamma Mia, The Wedding Singer and for those shows that are among my most beloved Rent and Hairspray I would see again and again...
Ok so that's my list, and I'm only ashamed of some of it...but really if you would seriously want to go with me to Def Leppard and Journey,I would pretty much love it..
Also in last week's blog, there were a couple of things I forgot to mention.
A) It's Totally 80s week on VH1, and they have some ridiculously amazing things lined up.
B) I just saw an interview with Paul Stanley from KISS and he's looking almost like Joan Rivers, seriously Paul, keep on the makeup please!
C)Chris Brown's "Say Goodbye" is my new favorite song and right behind it...literally is Beyonce's "Irreplaceable". Trust me, I never thought i would write that myself, but the fact's awesome..."I could have another you in a minute, matter fact, he'll be here in a minute"..BURN....poor Jay-Z..

Alright, for real, that's it, hope you enjoyed


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