2014 Books: Blameless by Gail Carriger

Blameless by Gail Carriger
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this third installment of the series.  I feel like I should say that as prologue to my opinion, because things might get a bit nit-picky fairly quickly and I don't want anyone mistaking my statements for dislike.  If you enjoyed the first two in the series, I would absolutely recommend continuing your reading with Blameless. However, there is something that feels slightly different with this book as opposed to the first two.  I'm going to attribute that discrepancy to two factors.

Factor #1-Both of the first installments Soulless and Changeless were, for all intents and purposes,stand-alone mysteries, with a sense of accomplishment and finality lent to their conclusions.  Blameless goes far more in-depth about laying the groundwork for an over-arching mystery (presumably one that will continue through the next two installments) and therefore, feels more open-ended, and leaves readers in a more ambiguous place than the earlier releases.

Factor #2-The highlight of this series is the witty banter and no two characters banter better than Alexia and Lord Maccon, and unfortunately, they spend virtually no time together in Blameless.  It was just something that I noticed myself missing.  It's such a ridiculous, bordering on, fan-girl quibble, but nonetheless, there it is.  I felt like separating Connall and Alexia and having them in two distinct settings led to a bit of a muddled plot.

However, there is at least one absolutely fantastic turn of events that I cannot wait to read more about, so, spoilers:

Biffy is now a werewolf and, it seems to me, this is the most exciting thing that happens in Blameless.  I'm intrigued by the ramifications this sudden turn of events might cause. I'm also quite a fan of the protective nature that this brings out in Lyall.  As someone who might as well have "shipper" listed on her business card, I have high hopes that I will look to have fulfilled as the series continues.

Overall, this series is just so much fun to read that the nit-picky things don't really matter.  The dialogue alone is enough to keep me coming back, and there are plenty of highlight-worthy lines in this one. While I don't feel that this is necessarily the best book in the series, it has its merits, and it is certain that the events that unfold will serve a necessary purpose in the future. 

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