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Oscar Nominations

Good Evening Everyone!

Better late than never. I'm posting my picks for tomorrow's Oscar nominations. I'll inevitably be disappointed, but I'm posting this here because I just spent a ridiculous amount of my free time to fill this out, which means, it has to mean something, or be useful in some way.

Agree? Disagree? Agree to Disagree?

BEST PICTURE  1. La La Land         2. Manchester By The Sea 3. Moonlight 4. Arrival 5. Fences
ALTERNATES  1. Lion 2. Hidden Figures 3. Silence 4.  5.

BEST DIRECTOR  1. Damien Chazelle, La La Land 2. Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester By The Sea 3. Barry Jenkins, Moonlight 4. Denis Villeneuve, Arrival 5. Martin Scorsese, Silence
ALTERNATES  1. Garth Davis, Lion 2. Denzel Washington, Fences 3. David MacKenzie, Hell or High Water

BEST ACTOR  1. Casey Affleck-Manchester By The Sea 2. Ryan Gosling, La La Land 3. Denzel Washington, Fences 4. Andrew Garfield, Silence 5. Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool
ALTERNATES  1. Colin Farrell, The Lobster 2. Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge 3. Viggo M…

Top 10 of 2016

So 2016 has come and gone, much to most people’s sincere delight. Its send-off included phrases like “good riddance” “can’t wait for you to be over” “literally the world’s worst year ever”. I mean I can understand to an extent, but I’d have to believe there were a WORSE gathering of 12 months sometime in history. Those people probably just couldn’t tweet about it. And they didn’t know that they’d have a David Bowie or a Prince to miss. But surely when Shakespeare died SOMEONE started a parchment petition to nominate 1616 as the WORST YEAR EVER. I digress, naturally. (Sorry, it’s been a while, and my writing just ain’t what it used to be) But while everyone was busy complaining about the unfairness of politics, there was some great art being made, and shown, at a cinema near you (or subscription service in your very own home). To get down to the business of what I personally liked the best, let’s start with #10. Hopefully, this list can help set up your future movie nights, during whi…