Here are some of the first photos...I hope this works...

This is the view outside of Joe's room. It's closer to the road than my room, so he gets all of the honking and excitement. I went out on his balcony one day and across the street there is this clothesline, and on the next roof over a boy was practicing cricket and answering calls on his cell phone.


elizabeth said…
Forget about pics of the laundry--where's your prince?!?! And next time you're thinking of smuggling things into your pocket, how about bringing back a couple of gallons of gas? Hope your are having fun!
Chris said…
So do you lean out your balcony and sing "ahaha ahaha ahahaha!" and all the rats and insects in India start doing your laundry?
Unknown said…
Hi Riss, The trip sounds exciting. I'm enjoying reading about your experiences in India. Sorry, but I've been banned from voting for American Idol. You'll have to get rid of what's-her-name yourself. You should think about a weekend trip to Agra to see the Taj...It's only about 900 miles as the crow flies. Take care, Tom from Osaka
Daddio said…
Hi Riss,

Hope all is well.

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