India Week 1

So it's the end of the first week here, and everything has been just a bit crazy.

I will tell you this, if you're ever flying, do yourself a favor and fly business class, it's like an entire world that I've never known before. There are 2 meals served per flight, at least if you're flying over the Atlantic Ocean. There is one flight attendant, at the very least, just for your section, and the entertainment is pretty top-notch. I call it top notch when I get to play old-school Tetris for an hour. I also call it top-notch when there is a free amenities bag that's navy canvas with a classy logo waiting for me at my seat. It had a toothbrush and socks and an eye mask, and since I'm all about the swag, I totally grabbed that! I still feel like I'm stealing though, even if I know it's paid for, so I snuck it into my purse when nobody was looking, like that woman at an all-you-can eat buffet who's sneaking all the cookies into a napkin and trying to take them home. You know who I'm talking about, and if you don't know you're probably the person I'm talking about, looking around with furtive glances to make sure nobody is going to catch you, even thought it's not the least bit illegal!

With that said, and the amenities bag safely tucked away, Frankfurt airport looked nice. I have no idea if it's a city I would like to visit again, since all I was able to see was tarmac, but the duty free shops are always nice, I'm just too cheap to buy anything, even if it is duty free. Another great thing about business class...the business class lounge! We walked up the marble stairs (I'm not lying!) and when we got there all we could see was sunshine. The whole lounge was made up of huge glass windows! And free food! I was good though and didn't try to sneak any of that into my bag, I just ate what I could when I was there! Newspapers in every language and comfy chairs! This is the stuff flying dreams are made of!

We arrived in Chennai around midnight, and after customs, and money changing and bag-getting, we walked out into the first humid night I can remember in a long time. Despite the late hour, the airport was pretty hopping. All of the family and drivers have to wait outside, though, they can't meet anyone at a gate or at baggage, so the outside of the main doors end up looking like the first 5 rows of a New Kids on the Block concert circa 1989, when Donny was the only Wahlberg brother anyone knew and Danny was rocking the rat tail. I miss those days!

The traffic is everything you've heard Indian traffic would be. Constantly moving, and jam packed! But not too fast, I think the most anyone goes is about 55 mph, Sammy Hagar would not be pleased! It's fewer cars and a TON more scooters and motorbikes! It's amazing, with families of 3 or 4 on a scooter. And of course, the cows and stray dogs on the side of the road, just add a whole other dimension! No one in India drives without the use of a good horn, constantly tapping it. The roads are never quiet. However, in terms of driving, it's pretty much the way I would prefer to drive, swerving in and out , creating your own lanes. The only rules when it comes to traffic here is that you know, whatever may come, you're getting to your destination! It's comforting and adrenaline-inducing at the same time.

Chennai is a city built on a unique combination of traditional and modern, upper class and blue collar. Out in the street, especially late at night, you may see homeless along bridges, or the very poor in straw huts on the side of the road, and just past that, a huge corporate building. All of the hotels seem full of contract workers from foreign companies working as consultants, and it seems like most of the service industry is based around either the business aspect or tourism, with hundreds of thousands employed as hotel workers, drivers, etc.

I feel like this is running a little longer than a normal blog should, so I'm going to go, but if anyone really wants to know about anything please leave a comment or a question. I hope if you're reading this you're enjoying it and to all my friends and family, I do miss you, but it is just as amazing as you would imagine in India, at least for me!


Chris said…
Speaking of New Kids...did you hear they are reuniting? Sound like you're settling in well!
Yaritza said…
Girl, I miss you tons! Sounds like you're having a blast but don't go driving on no scooters with the cows in the way. You got to show me how to set up this blog thing when you come back. :)Mucho love..
Allison said…
sounds like an adventure! enjoy every minute and don't be afraid to write too much-isn't that what blogging whas truly invented for?? ranting and raving?!? smile. love you!
Marsha said…
Happy Birthday, Devine Miss M!!

Love you,

Lynda said…
Hey Cuz,
It sounds like your having an amazing time. I envy the way you make it all sound so easy traveling into the unknown. Keep up the good Blogs, I've enjoyed reading them. Be safe, and have fun!

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