Pondibazar and such

So this weekend, we again, sort of wasted away, not entirely, I mean we had high hopes. We at least did get to Pondibazar, a well known street market in Chennai. It was indeed crowded, and I was told that crowd that we witnessed then was nothing compared to festival times. I can't even imagine. Everything was pretty cheap, and I definitely enjoyed shopping in some place other than an air-conditioned store. Something felt much more like an "experience". Man I'm sure that read as really cheesy, but I can't help it. It's difficult wanting to explore a place, and yet knowing all the time you're just a tourist, and realizing there is such a great difference between living and experiencing a place, and just visiting. I think I've decided as much as I love to travel, I hate to feel like I'm always visiting, something about the impending departure that doesn't allow everything to be as absorbed as it should be.

So Pondibazar was intense, and Tony is an expert haggler, getting a drum that started at 900 down to 200. I'm extremely jealous. The best I could do was 12 bangles for 40 Rs. I'm so excited about my bangles though.

There were plans to head to a Mexican restaurant named Don Pepe's for an early Cinco De Mayo celebration, but alas, it was closed for renovations! Booo! I was really looking forward to the little person they have wearing a sombrero to greet you at the door. I can't make this stuff up.

We had also planned to finally see a movie, yes, I'm obsessed with Bollywood, of course! The equivalent of E! here is called Zoom Tv, and it's awesome. It's still junkfood for your brain, but since when have I ever opposed junk food of any kind? But tickets here are hard to come by. Movie tickets for the weekend go on sale online around Wednesday or Thursday and usually sell out, so I think we're more prepared this week. It's looking like we'll probably go see Tashan...look it up on IMDB if you wish.

I think that's it for now, I know it's not super informative, and I apologize! Hopefully I'll be better next week. I did manage to upload about six photos from the last couple of weekends though, on Flickr, should you wish to enjoy! Hope everyone is great back home, let me know what's going on and if Iron Man is really worth the hype!


Unknown said…
Mariiiiiiiii, I miss you girl. Well, It seems like you're having a grand ole time. I'm very disappointed that Don Pepe's was closed... who does that??? I mean isn't Mexican food a staple over there? :) Well, just wanted to say HI!! and of course Iron Man is pretty great!!

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