Dear Hotel and other various forms of advertisers...if you're commenting on my blog, please pay me first...otherwise, keep it limited to 25 words or less...leaving space for my friends to comment as well! (see 3rd comment on Taj Mahal blog for example) :-) I should be making bank by the time I get back home!


Chris said…

can i advertise my blog on here??

hey everyone want to read about the latest and greatest (and not so greatest) movies that are playing at the theater near you? then visit

elizabeth said…
And all this time I thought you were best buddies with Fortune Park Hotels, Ltd.! And, stealing a page from Chris, I would just like to advertise my skills as a phenomenal idol. For a mere $100 you may compliment me--no word length max!--once a day. Line forms to the right, boys!
Unknown said…
lol... you let them know Mari!! Let's make some money. Miss ya!

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