Because I was thinking About It...

So I know that it's August, yes as in the middle of the summer August, but I was recently thinking about fanstastic movies, and A Christmas Story was one of them. I was feeling creative, and this is what came to mind. Let me know how it sits with you all...and what movies you love just as much, I need to refresh my Blockbuster Queue.

A Christmas Story
Ok, if A Christmas Story was like an Advent Calendar, here are the 25 things I love about it:

December 1- (#25) Randy in the cupboard –“Daddy’s gonna kill Ralphie!”

December 2- (#24) Lifeboy Soap “It, it was soap poisoning!”

December 3- (#23) The Wizard of Oz in the Christmas Parade “I like the Tin Man”

December 4- (#22) Theme essays “A + + + + +”

December 5- (#21) Toady little chronies

December 6- (#20) Randy in his snowsuit (getting ready in the morning was like getting ready to go extended deep sea diving)

December 7- (#19) Little Orphan Annie (“Pierre was in great voice tonight”)

December 8 (#18) – Footballs (“Football, what’s a football…no WAIT!”)

December 9- (#17) OVALTINE (“A crummy commercial” “Hurry Up! Randy has to go!”)

December 10 – (#16) Christmas Tree Shopping (“This isn’t one of those trees where all the needles falls off, is it?”)

December 11- (#15) Chinese Food Christmas Dinners (“It’s similing at us…”)

December 12- (#14) Aunt Clara (“Aunt Clara always sends you the nicest things..”) – even if you never see her, you know she’s probably amazing!

December 13 (#13)- Meatloaf “Meat loaf, beat loaf, I hate meat loaf” Alright, that’s it, where’s my screwdriver..”)

December 14- (#12)- Christmas toys that you’ll forget about in 5 minutes (“WHOOPEE A Zepplin!)

December 15 (#11)- Furnaces (“In the heat of battle my father wove a tapestry of obscenities that as far as we know is still hanging over Lake Michigan”)

December 16 #10- Icicles (“Oh Ralphie it’s just a little bump, you’re lucky those things have been known to kill people!”)

December 17 (#9)- Schwartz-“Do you know what my son just said, ‘no what’ he said (fill in the blank) WHAT?!?!? Do you know where he heard it from.. ‘probably his father’)

December 18 (#8)- Flick (“I triple dog dare ya!...hey it’s the fire department…wow it’s the cops”)

December 19 (#7)- Scott Farkas (“Yellow Eyes, so help me God, yellow eyes”)

December 20 (#6) Schoolyard Fights (“I’ve heard of people speaking in tongues in times of duress…Ralphie your motha!”)

December 21 (#5) Leg Lamps (“Fragile, must be Italian, hun I think it says Fragile”)

December 22 (#4) Flat Tires (“Why don’t you go help your father? ‘really?!’ Here hold this….OH FUUUUDDGGE”)

December 23 (#3) Ralphie’s Mom- “What’s the name of the Lone Ranger’s Horse? Victor, his name was Victor…How the hell do you know that?”

December 24 (#2) Red Rider (“I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!” No You’ll Shoot your eye out”).

December 25 (#1) Darrin McGavin –( “you used up all the glue on purpose!...NADAFINGA!”)

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