Hello...oh Lionel Richie

So HELLO! to everyone at home. If you haven't heard from me yet I apologize but I am back home. It's been a very good week, no cause for complaints!

I think I'm starting to exhibit signs of my extreme age because I realized, being away this time, I really missed people and certain things. I've never felt necessarily tied to a place before, I always considered wandering the best policy. Though I still believe that not all who wander are lost, I also believe when they start to feel a little lost they go back home again, and here I am.

Taco Bell is as delicious as ever, Bruce & Chip are as much trouble as ever, and my parents, even better if only slightly more unstable (they don't mind me saying that I'm sure, don't forget these are the people who openly claim that our nuclear family puts the "fun in dysfunctional" no joke!)

I've been on a new music kick for some reason, not quite sure why, but I just thought I'd share my new obsessions since being back:

1. Chris Brown-Forever...I don't know if it's the beat or the chorus or what, but this kid gets me every time...last summer it was "say goodbye" don't ask, because i can't explain more than that!

2.Duffy-Serious...I'm loving the sixties vibe that's floating back into pop. I know Amy Winehouse is to thank (or blame) for the infusion, but if she can't get her act together, it's good to know there are others who can pick up the torch

3. Little Jackie- The world should revolve around me...enough said i think

4. Sara Bareilles- In Your Eyes...Yup Peter Gabriel did it first, and still better in my opinion, but I really like the fact that a girl finally tackled this song and it sounds pretty gosh darn awesome

5. The Feeling- Never Be Lonely... Although this isn't really new, new, it's still amazing. "I love it when you call" is a great track, but this one is a little deeper, a little more melodic and overall has a bigger feeling about it...LOVE IT!

So I think that's it for now...as always new opinions and thoughts are always welcome and any suggestions for a playlist please be sure to send my way!


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