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So there are tons and tons of media sources out there, telling you what you should and should not be listening to, watching, voting for, etc. I thought I'd add my two cents to those items, except for the politics part, we'll all have plenty of that tomorrow. See if there's anything you agree with, anything that intrigues you, let me know what's going on with whoever's reading this, please, I love comments, seriously!

Obsession of the Moment:
David Cook's new single, "Declaration" which you can listen to/watch right here:
It's no secret that I'm a fan of Mr. Cook's but if this catchy little ditty is any indication of his album, maybe I should pre-order it on Itunes (which you too can also do)

Movies to Possibly Check Out:
Most recent rentals/viewings have included the following films:
-Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead: If you're a fan of Tim Roth or Gary Oldman, or Shakespeare, you'll probably enjoy, especially the scene that contains verbal volleys. They're in top form here, but the adaptation is slightly lacking, and with Tom Stoppard at the helm, don't be surprised if you're sitting back wondering what just happened sometimes.

-Black Sheep: Not the Chris Farley movie, but the movie about genetically mutated sheep who go on a rampage in the idyllic Australia/New Zealand area. Don't take this too seriously and you'll be golden. I think any scene that has humans growing sheep parts, grannies with guns and more corn syrup blood than Carrie could have ever imagined is just the right thing to kick off the holiday season.

Other Titles to Check Out:
Elizabeth the Golden Age
Uncle Buck
To Kill a Mockingbird
(the last two are classics, in 2 very different ways, but both more than worth a viewing)

Television to Tune Into For Sure:
True Blood: I admit that the first couple of episodes were a little slow, and I kind of feel like Anna Paquin is a worse actress than I remember (which I know is blasphemous to say about someone who won an oscar at 10) but let me say that this series sinks its teeth into you. Sorry a really really bad pun about a show focusing on vampires, but unavoidable, I'm afraid. If the southern comfort atmosphere doesn't get to you, the gratuitous sex and violence might, don't forget this is HBO kids.

Chuck: If you're not watching this on Monday nights on NBC, please tell me what you're up to that is so much more interesting?! And please explain it to the ratings board. Although NBC has ordered a full season of this Bond for the Pop Culture Guru series, never say never with finnicky networks. Zachary Levi as hapless Chuck Bartowski is somewhere between Charlie Brown and Seth Cohen, but all grown up and one of the most charming leading men in primetime these days (isn't it about time to vaporize McSteamy people?!)

Pushing Daisies: This show is dangerously close to having a TOD declared, but it's still the most original and visionary show on network television, which is probably why it's about to be cancelled. People want Kath & Kim and 2 and 1/2 men and all the other boring predictable sitcoms. Please give me witty banter, crime solving, pie making delightfulness with a side of Lee Pace anytime!

Gavin & Stacey: Word on the street is this is the next BBC America sitcom to be put through the American television meat grinder and rehashed, so best enjoy the original while you can. Nothing big and flashy just characters that you kind of care about, and people that look like the ones you hang out with. Worth the watch if you have BBC America or BBCA on demand, I say.
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Flashback of the Day: Remember "Meet Virginia" by Train, man that's a great song.


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