Real Oscar Nominations

If anyone was paying attention, I was kind of far off on some of my predictions.  That's because I was giving the Academy more credit than they deserve.  I'll try to remedy that situation come Oscar night and refrain from giving the benefit of the doubt to a majority of people who do NOT deserve it.  For the official Oscar nominations list, you can go to the following website:

Also, just for fun, for anyone who questions the originality of the most touted Academy movie (Benjamin Gump...I mean Button)  you might find this enjoyable and/or interesting

Please feel free to comment.  I have plenty of my own to share, but I'll probably wait to rant until after the awards show.  I want to give every nominee an equal opportunity to win without slanting anyone's voting (ahem..if Kate Winslet doesn't win I might be forced to give up going to see movies in the theater for a small amount of time as a boycott...ahem)


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