Idol-2nd to last results show...aka I hate Randy already

Well it's only fitting that the worst group to go so far provides the worst lip-synch sing-along with Katy Perry's "Hot-N-Cold".  Well let's just call it "Lukewarm-to-Frozen".  The guys were doing choreography sitting down, which doesn't really make it choreography, but that's ok, it has to be that way because, in case you didn't know, Scott is blind. Also in case you didn't know, Lil Rounds is a mother of 3, and Jorge's from Puerto Rico, and every other detail that the producers want to shove down your throat is captured in a "recap montage".

Oh and guess what Lil Rounds is in the Top 12.  That's not even worthy of an exclamation point because if you didn't see that one coming, you might want to borrow Scott's cane.

I like Lil because she's better than Fantasia, she sounds like she could do any genre pretty much, and if she goes deep into the final rounds, I think the producers should bring on Whitney and they could have a vocal slug-fest, now that would be AWESOME!!

It's clear that everyone involved in making this show work realizes that, at this point, the audience's attention span is shorter than Kenny Baker (if you don't know who that is, then shame on you!! R2D2 everyone!)  because they're taking the next group 5 at a time:

Taylor, Alex, Scott, Kendall, and Arianna:  

Arianna- NO! 
Taylor- Nein!  
Kendall-Ho Down! (get it, because she's country...get it? )
Scott-He's Through!! 
Paula still thinks Scott can see her judging by the way she's bopping in her seat to a distinctly low-key song.

Nathaniel & Kristen-  I feel a little sad because I'm pretty sure that Nathaniel is going home.  BOOO!!  Ryan and Simon keep trying to pretend that they're not picking out monogrammed towels:
Ryan : "my favorite moment of the night Simon (referring to when Nathaniel's headband made it's way to Simon) May be a new screensaver for me."
Simon: I can believe that...

Felicia & Von-take a seat kiddos

Ju'not & Jorge:  indeed the name says it all, Ju' NOT, Jorge yes!!  
I love that Ryan acts like Jorge is speaking Mandarin instead of Spanish, like he might as well be speaking Latin.  Ryan get with the times.  After 8 seasons, its about time a Spanish-speaking contestant made it through.  Although Ju'Not's wife look like she wanted to start a new millenium race riot with Jorge's family.  I would sit very very far away people.

In the next 15 minutes, we'll learn who the "Wild Card" contestants are.  I have a feeling the way they chose this group was to put everyone from Hollywood Week on a wheel, spin it, and silently pray "no whammies, no whammies, no whammies"  I'm guessing a couple of whammies will sneak in though.

And the Wild Cards are...
Randy drones on: Von Smith--OH GOD!  this is ridonculous
Next is Kara's turn to ramble, she talks about commercial appeal: Jasmine Murray
Paula Abdul and her pick is: Ricky Braddy from the Braddy Bunch, no joke that's his website
Simon's pick: Meaghan the weird dancer (she's a whammy)....grrrr

Thank Goodness there are four more choices! If Anoop doesn't make it, I don't know what I'll throw.  I can only guarantee it won't be my MacBook; I just paid it off.

Randy's 2nd pick: i won't even write her name.  Another reason to hate Randy, watch your tires Randy, if I was in a closer zip code, you'd be riding home on rims, sir
Karas 2nd pick: Matt Giraud...YES!!!
Paula's 2nd pick: Jesse, the most annoying girl ever!!  I hate this game!
Simon's 2nd pick:  please let it be Anoop....and it IS!!!!  Jesse's all over Anoop...get off him, chick!  


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