Thanks for Nothing Best Buy

As a quick aside, I just want to say that to a certain associate who works at the Shelton Best Buy, you're probably one of the most ridiculous people I've ever run into in customer service.  Bordering on insulting.  And despite the fact that this is a passive agressive way of dealing with it, the next time someone asks you if you have any copies of "Let the Right One In" I'll give some hints on how to deal with it:

A.  If they're asking for a practically unknown movie, assume that they know a little SOMETHING about movies.

B.  Don't insult them by saying "it's in the horror section, it's a vampire movie" like they're a few IQ points short of Forest Gump.  If I hadn't checked ALL the sections with no luck, I wouldn't have asked you to see if you had ANY MORE!  Trust me, you're my last resort.

C.  When you've dug up the only 2 remaining copies, don't come up and say "well we have 2 copies but the thing that holds the dvd in is broken" and then demonstrate that fact by ferociously shaking said said broken cases and scratching the remnants.  Call me crazy, I do NOT want to PURCHASE something that's already PROVEN defective.

D.  When I decline the offer of the two remaining shards of "Let the Right One In" don't walk away saying "It's a Swedish vampire movie".  NO CRAP, THAT'S WHY I ASKED YOU ABOUT IT!!!  It took everything I had to make sure that you left work with all the teeth you came in with.  Bless the Blog and thanks for listening.  And don't ever ask anyone at Best Buy to find you the last copy of Let The Right One In, especially if you don't like Swedish vampire movies


Chris said…
just fyi, the best buy is in Trumbull not Shelton, which i know you know... because if there was a Best Buy in Shelton, i'd be living it it. Without that beast lady of course.
Chris said…
oh one more thing.... at least Beasty knew that Let the Right One in is a "swedish vampire movie".... remember when i was looking for the Stanley Kubrick box set last year, the kid didnt't even know who that was and asked "oh does he do TV?" WHAT A MORON!

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