Top 13-the Results!

Alright so it's that time again, and Seacrest looks like he's getting ready to be beamed up from the stage.  I'm so tired of Randy's friggin' booing.

Here's the new rule:  The judges can save one person from one elimination and only use it one time.  Once that vote is used, no one is sent home that night, and then the following week 2 people will go home.

And now it's MANSION TIME!!!  At least Adam's upfront about who he is "I've always wanted to live in a house like this, that's why I'm on American Idol"  good for you Adam

AMAZING...Jorge and Kris start off with some break dancing move gone wrong, to Jackson 5's "I want you back"...oh god, they're ruining my favorite Jackson5 tune of all time.  WHY ARE THEY DANCING?! SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP!  Oh god, the damage was already done.  Danny Gokey starts some sort of soul train, with no caboose, oh god, it's horrible.  

Oh I miss Nathaniel Marshall.

I'm also over all of the "PC" commercials that show all these kids that will probably accomplish more in 10 years of life than I'll manage to in 30.  Why don't you go play outside kids!

RECAP MONTAGE TIME:  but you were either watching, or you've already read my recap, so you don't need the word for word.  Oh they just showed "dirt in my eye" for Adam Lambert...hahahhaha...and the producers are telling us that we should vote for Danny and Adam.
Sarver intros the Ford video....We Will Rock You...where's Michael Johns?!?! Oh these videos never get old, just cheesier!  I do have to say Anoop looked really good!

Michael Sarver:  I'm guessing he's staying but Seacrest has the final say..."Sarver You're Safe!"
Allison Irahita: "Young Allison, you're safe"
Jasmine Murray: (I think she's wearing a peacock around her neck) she's asked down to the stage
Matt G:  take a seat fool!  You're not going anywhere!!!
Kris Allen: Seacrest managed to pull kind of a fast one, I thought he was going down to the stage! But he's SAFE
Megan Corkrey- IS STAYING?!?  GOOD GOD NOOOOO!!! (way to go, you've ruined the next show for me already.  Sorry I have to go practice my clucking and cawing in the bathroom, maybe I'll even get a fake magic castle half sleeve tattoo to ensure that I'm "marketable")

Now they're forcing the poor girl to sing.  I'm just not really sure how many chances are deserved this season.  She's already been a wild card pick, and now it's official, she's going home.  I kind of want Ryan to kiss her, he looks like he kind of wants to.  And then they taunt her with all of the times the judges said yes to her with Carrie Underwood's version of "Home Sweet Home" in the background.  Sorry Jasmine, I liked you more than most this season!

Special Kanye West Performance: I hope he wears sunglasses...I think he actually is Michael Jackson...YES!  He's wearing sunglasses and lots of denim.  like a denim suit, seriously.  His backup singers apparently escaped from the "Blade Runner" set in 1982.  Either that or the girl stole her dress from Tina Turner's Thunder Dome!  Anyone else wish that the judges would have to give their opinions on these performances as well?  I'd love to hear Kara tell Kanye that "He's a package deal" and I'd love to hear Simon say "It was all a bit over the top and karaoke".

OH LORD, the Osbournes are back, bless their hearts, I'll probably watch that show and hate myself for it.

Scott: And he's safe!
Alexis: I'm guessing safe again, but we'll see...and she's sitting
Danny Gokey-gee...i'm shocked, safe!
Anoop-oh god, I hate this part-he's heading for the stage...I hate you AMERICAN VOTING PUBLIC!!!
Adam Lambert-ugh, if cockiness were a scent, it'd be wafting off of him right now, but he's safe
Jorge Nunez-also heading to the stage
Lil Rounds-Safe...predcitably

F YOU Kelly Clarkson AND Ryan Seacrest.  My heart can't take the stress!!  Why can't we just get this over and done with.  If Anoop goes home, do NOT talk to me tomorrow,  I'll be in one of my "moods".

Kelly's performance time - and her outfit looks horrendous.  Sorry Kelly, I love you, but that hair and that outfit OY!  She kind of looks pregnant

OH I love the Hell's Kitchen previews!

UGH I hate this part...ANOOP IS SAFE!!!! There is a god and he's heard my American Idol prayers!  And now it's Jorge's time to sing for his LIFE.  Too bad he sounds like a cruise ship entertainer.  See you on my next Carnival vacation Jorge!  Will the Judges save him, I tremble with antici.....pation.  Well here's the official verdict it's a quick "No."

And ANOTHER episode comes to an end...until next week kiddos, I'm dusting off my sock-hop shoes to do the Corkrey twist.  


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