American Idol-Born with the Dream

Oh no special opening for the judges tonight...instead we're treated to the judges baby pictures. Randy's is boring and predictable, Kara's is whiny and crying, Paula's looks far older than she probably was at the time, and Simon's is by far the most awesome, although Ryan's buckteeth are a thing of beauty as well. It really is amazing what a baby picture says about a person,

Danny Gokey's up first "Stand By Me"-is it just me or is Danny's family WAAAAYYYY too huggy, touchy, feely. Seriously, I think his aunt is the Easter Bunny and his uncle is a Leprechaun. I hate this disco version of the song. But it's Gokey so the judges will love it. Is that John Travolta in the background in a white suit?!?! Oh no, sorry I must have taken some of Paula's happy pills. Randy reminds the viewers that this is a vocal talent show...Kara comments that he "killed it", Paula is showing off her technical knowledge, and drooling and Simon says "great".

The "Glee" preview still gets to me, I can't wait to see that!

Kris Allen-"All She Wants to do is Dance" (the funky version). I like that they've moved him to the little stage where pubescent girls can gaze up and smile that smile that only happens when you've legitimately lost your mind and been blinded by hotness. Kara thinks it "lost its youth"; Paula thinks Kris is "likable" what an insight; Simon thought it was "boring, forgettable" etc.; Randy copies Simon

Paula just told Simon to "stop it baby". A phrase she sounds far too familiar with

Lil Rounds-"What's Love Got To Do With It" this could be really good or really bad...Just for the record, my opinion is that it sounds EXACTLY like Tina, but that's not a bad thing. I just want to say that so that if the judges try to say she made it sound "original" I can point and laugh at the hypocrisy of it all. I feel really bad for Ricky Miner and that band, because they've been busted up this season. Well at least they're saying that it was a copy cat version. According to Randy Lil's "mad, mad" talented and what Simon and Paula said was "really, real". I'm so tired of hearing about being an "artist".

Anoop is up next. Apparently UNC won the NCAA tournament last night. Sorry Michigan State. Anoop is going to be brave and go with "True Colors". Again, this could be really good or really bad. I love it, of course. It's not flashy, that's for sure, but it sounds great. And I don't think that Anoop should apologize for last week, it's just another sign that Kara has NO CLUE what she babbles about. I always like it when Randy says things like "you can actually sing". YOU PICKED THESE GUYS FOOLS!! Kara and Paula, "magical, soulful" rainbows and unicorns. Simon "very good". I like that he says "you can be horrible to us and we can be horrible to you" and then before Anoop can even say anything they shut him up with the music.

Scott-I'm frightened that his parents let him continue to think that pursuing "train conducting" would be a fine idea. This is sooooo uncomfortable, the elevator music, the guitar, the crazy eyes...all of it. I wish this was over like 3 minutes ago. "Right before my eyes" an lyric choice for sure. Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop...they're going soooo easy on him. Simon finally says the truth as usual. "it was horrible"

Allison was born in 1992 so for those of you counting, she's 16 going on 17. Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me". I LOOOOOVE this song, the original at least, my I-tunes could tell you so. Allison's kicking butt as usual. This girl rocks, seriously. Paula uses like 6 sentences to say "I really loved that version". Simon cuts to the chase and finally admits that this is a popularity contest in which personalities count. Randy again says "you can sing". Simon shut up, I say "cool beans".

OOOOHHHH the Wolverine trailer, Hugh Jackman + Ryan Reynolds + Taylor Kitsch = trifecta of hot awesomeness that I will NOT miss!

I wish someone would really make a movie about Parisian squirrels that ride bikes/scooters. That would probably be my favorite movie of the year.

Matt-Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover". At this point he's actually channelling Justin Timberlake. J.T. called Matt and he wants his gig back. I mean I like it, but that's mostly because 9 years ago, I was pretty sure that on my 26th Birthday I would be celebrating with Justin and our 3 kids. That hasn't happened....yet. The judges rave.

I love Joshua Jackson, I've loved him since Mighty Ducks. I wished that Pacey was real during Dawson's Creek, and now, well, he's just AWESOME. Watch FRINGE

I give Adam props for saying "I loved playing Dress Up". "Mad World" most of us will recognize it as that song from "Donnie Darko". I was ready to say I like him so much better when he's not yeowling. and then he yeowled. But this is actually a great performance, I think. I'm sure it will be everything the judges can do to not crown him right here and now. HOLY CRAP, Simon just gave him a standing ovation. Danny Gokey just put a hit out on Adam, you know he did.

My guesses for bottom 3, should be Kris, Lil and Scott. We could actually do the results show now, "Scott you're going home" look at that then I would have my Wednesday night free. As it is, vote, vote, vote and tune in tomorrow for Kellie Pickler, sorry I meant to make that sound more interesting.


Chris said…
Shoot! We forgot to drink last night. Ah there's always tonight. We need to chug if Scott doesnt get voted off.

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