Death of a Dream-the results show

Someone's dream is about to die, but Seacrest is at his tannest and he's ready to roll.  Randy Jackson is wearing Cliff Huxtable's cardigan that's been embroidered.  Kara cheers for herself; Paula is smiling absently, wearing Bette Davis' gloves; and Simon is just getting ready to cash another paycheck.  There's a creepy cropped photo of Simon and Paula.

OH MAN!  Is it ridiculous that I'm excited that Frankie Avalon showed up onstage.  I kind of yelped a bit.  Paula is swaying suggestively, despite the face that Frankie seemed to have a bit of trouble with the steps (those hips can give you hell huh?) Frankie and Ryan share the same tan.

Oh, the song & dance!! I just realized that pretty much the boys are the only ones that really matter this season.  Oh boy, "Can't Get You Out of My Head".  I hated this song when it was produced by professionals.  Well I knew that one good week of song and dance was about all we were gonna get, so since they're not doing Journey, we're back to being crap.  I don't actually know if there is any harmony in this thing.  I can tell you one thing there's definitely not enough of, Anoop.  Another thing, Kris is adorable, but man that song was terrible.

It's Ford Music Video time-this looks like a Britney video.  Oh they give Adam the "brooding" role, and it's theatrical, jeez, if he doesn't rock this he might as well take himself out of this competition.  Oh this makes sense, when I hear Brit Brit's  "Circus" is the chosen song for this week.  Oh man, these get more and more ridiculous.  Was that director for serious or was he like an actor that they paid for the Behind-The-Scenes portion.  Now I know what I need to do to get tickets to the show...become the mayor of a town in Michigan.

Adam's up. then Kris, then Anoop:  Adam is safe, I know I can hardly believe it too.  Kris and Anoop...Anoop is in the bottom 3...really?  That makes no sense to me, after last night.  I think something has already filled the stools Ryan, because I smell a big pile of crap coming on for tonight with Anoop in the bottom 3.

It's time for Flo-Rida with "Right Round"-not exactly family fare in my opinion, but hey it's Fox.  Maybe they're hoping that the kids won't get the whole "when you go down" part.  I'll leave that up to you.  The fake strippers (sorry, DANCERS) are a nice touch too, Fox. Oh YAY!! Confetti.  I love it when Seacrest has to pretend to be hip and with it, for the youngsters. 

Danny is up next-HOW IS HE SAFE?!?  
Matt Giraud- oh Ryan, you get so clever at this stage of the game, but he's safe!
Scott-is in the Bottom 3, they literally play tag team with Scott getting him over to the stools.
Allison-is safe
Lil-CHOOSE YOUR STOOL, FOOL! It's bottom 3 for you.

Anoop, Lil and Scott-as Chris (my roommate, not contestant) just pointed out, it's been a rough week for the minorities.  This is like the beginning of a bad joke (I'll let you know that the beginning of the joke would contain the preposition "walk into a bar").

Kellie Pickler is performing, of course she was a roller skating waitress.  This performance should be over already.  I mean let's face it, she's no Carrie Underwood.  She's just "tryin' not to bust a seam".  The "aw shucks" thing has kind of worn off for me.

Lil is safe...not so surprising, but I HATE that Anoop is in the bottom 2.  This is dumb.
Scott is the lowest member on the totem pole this week.  He sounds better tonight than he did last night.  I think they might save him, until he hit that note.  The girls are clearly holding up the process, wanting to save him.  This is painful.  Simon makes the decision and it's a NO!  Sorry Scott, but last night was so not good.  I'll see you on tour, though!  And literally the last scene is of Scott putting a basketball through a hoop.  And Paula has one last word, and it's, "realize your dream, god bless you now ride off into the sunset on your phoenix!"

I told out last night, this could have been done quickly.

See you on the other side of next week!


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