Double Elimination-the one where two people leave aka FINALLY

Seacrest is looking dapper in his suit, as well as looking very George Hamil-TAN.  David Archuleta is back as well.  45 million votes were cast?!  Really?!  And Seacreast says that just goes to show how talented this year's group is, I think he's lying

Paula Abdul is choreographing this group dance.  I actually wish that Paula would choreograph all of these things.  Remember when Paula was awesome, like in 1989, like when Forever Your Girl was my favorite song in the world.  Danny thinks he's a good dancer, that makes one person on the entire planet earth that thinks that, only billions more to convince.

Oh man, this group dance is totally cheesetastic, and the lip synching is out of control.  I actually think they had Justin Timberlake sing Matt's part.  That was the most enjoyable one they've done all season for real!  Oh I wish Paula would just dance instead of judging.  And thank goodness we only had to endure Danny coasting down the rails of the soul train once.

Here are my favorite parts in order:
Paula strikes a disco pose
Lil is wearing white go-go boots (uhm, that was the 60s people)
Adam does the robot
Adam is smiling the whole time because he knows he owns this stage
Justin Timberlake makes an appearance, oh wait
Everyone lip syncs

Ford Music Video Time-boring

It's time to start breaking someone's dreams:

Lil -oh god, why is Ryan saying Lil is "courageous"?  wow, there's no joking around, Lil Rounds is going home. The curse of the first is still in full effect.  Is it just me, or is Lil better tonight than she was last night?!  Man Paula got some good stuff tonight.  Randy literally utters "just the beginning" five times.  Simon is a "massive" fan, and Kara says nothing important.  And just like that we've gone from 7 to 6.

Is it weird that until I saw the commercial for I forgot about Alexis Grace?  I think there's just something forgettable about this season.

Don't lie Ryan, you were born when Disco was kicking.  This is so creepy.  I don't really know who this woman is singing, I won't lie. But there's too mcuh gold and too little underwear.  Oh snap, Thelma Houston and "don't leave me this way".  I do love this song, and Thelma's still got some moves, and quite a bit of cleavage.  KC (but no sunshine band).  After seeing this, I'll say that I'm pretty sure KC needs the Sunshine Band.  He looks like he's grasping for breath just by walking onstage.  That was fairly lackluster for an "all-star" medley.

I'm still super excited for "Glee", that Journey "Don't Stop Believin' " promo gets me every time!

Kris is up next: and it's official, he's in the TOP 5!!

Adam: if you can hear him over the roaring cheers, Ryan tells him that the judges have automatically put him in the finals, he doesn't even have to sing the next 3 weeks.  Oh wait, no.  sorry, but he is SAFE, and through to the TOP 5.

Danny: is somehow safe again, even after they let him babble for like 2 minutes about how he felt about what Simon says

Anoop-is in the bottom 2 again...I still don't get this.

Alison-she's in the bottom 2...I can't beleive this!

Matt-he says he arranged the song himself, I'm not sure that I believe him since it sounded a whole heck of a lot like the Bee Gee's version. Oh my god, either Alison or Anoop is going home?!?!  This sucks!!

David Archuleta is back- and singing the pants off this season's contestants.  Oh man, I thought he was going to ride a unicorn out on to the stage.  I actually miss him.  If you look really closely you can see his dad clapping backstage...wait now he's beating a poor lighting guy!  Man 15 year old girls across this country are downloading that song as we speak.  He's the most positive person I've ever heard gasping for breath on stage.  I have to believe that when he's alone he screams out his rage.  There's no way that someone in the music industry thinks there's something "amazing" at every turn.  I kind of hope just once he's said to his dad "shut the hell up pops, I'm doing it my way!" and then took Jennifer Grey out of her corner seat and danced through the aisles.

Anoop is going home.  This sucks.  I'm one vote away from not caring about how this season ends.  I think we all know Adam is going to win.  As soon as Kris goes home, I will pretty much be done.  Well now we're done with all the minorities on the show, Alison doesn't count because she's a woman.

Well I'm kind of over this, but I'll still be back next week...sorry I can't muster up more excitement.


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