ONE OF THEM COULD LOSE IT ALL (or at least get a record deal in 6 months)

It's the most dramatic results show to date!  At least that's what they'd have you believe if you watched the beginning of this show, it was looking like the pre-show of the NCAA Final Four tournament, when in reality there should be just a single elimination (of Megan) and be done with it in 5 minutes.

I like that Paula is ALWAYS the one going on about "knowing who you are"; irony is a fantastic thing.  Simon thinks Anoop, Matt and Megan should be worried...Mr. Cowell, have you been reading my blog?!  Or reading my MIND?!  

OH NO THEY'RE DOING DON'T STOP BELIEVING, this could ruin my night.  But this song is so Friggin' AWESOME that they can't ruin it even stupid puppet little miss muffet Megan tries.  It was actually the best song they've done this season.  Thank you Journey, and actually I think Adam could totally sing Steve Perry, maybe better than Steve Perry.

Oh it's "typical Idol Week" montage again.  Oh boo!  They're busy.  And now it's time for a pillow fight in the giant mansion.  And there's a CHEF, are you freaking kidding me?!?!  Oprah's jealous of these fools!  I wouldn't want to leave either. 

Then there are painful imitation times.  Thank goodness that's over.  And now it's time to ruin someone's life.  

Megan, Kris and Matt are up first:  

Then Allison, Lil, and Adam

Then Scott, Dany, and Anoop
Seacrest, why do you tease me so?!?!

DAVID COOK YEEEESSSSS!!!!!!  Oh god, I love this man.  And his mom is singing along.  I miss seeing him every week, seriously.  Clearly the highlight of the evening.  And then Ryan Seacrest  brings out 2 of the most generic chicks I've ever seen to present him with a platinum record.  And then there's the sneak peek of his new video showing the luckiest girl in the world.  I don't know what happens to me, I literally change into a 13 year old girl at the mention of his name.

Kris-is SAFE
Matt- is SAFE too (THANK GOODNESS!!) 
Megan-she says she doesn't care what Simon says, too bad because everyone else does.  And then she caws like a bird and flies over to the pit of despair (aka the 3 stools of shame)
Lil-take a safe seat
Adam is a true genius, so of course he's safe
Danny- safe as well
Scott-is safe
Anoop-NEVER ADMIT that you think you should be in the BOTTOM 3, EVER!! You should NOT even be in the same vicinity as MEGAN, ugh

Lady Gaga is now girating around the stage in an outfit that she stole from the Rainbow Brite wardrobe and then dyed black.  She seems to think she's a hybrid of Christina Aguilera and Cyndi Lauper and in his suave debonair way, Seacrest says "cool, huh?"  Yes, Ryan, you only speak the truth, so I suppose it was "cool".

Allison is relieved of her fear immediately, now it's down to Megan and Anoop, Anoop is safe.  And Simon wastes no time letting Megan know that they don't care at all either and that they "won't pretend to save her".  BRAVO SIMON!! This brat...uh I have no words for this.  This montage is so overdone and she's fake crying.  Where's Cheri Oteri, when you need a good impression of someone on SNL?!?!  

Thank goodness that's all over with.  Now hopefully, the season can move on without any more "cawing"  UGH! I'm sorry Megan, you may be a great person, but from what I witnessed on this season, I have to say, if I went to high school with you, I highly doubt that we would have shared E.L. Fudge cookies at the lunch table, I'm allergic to people who imitate crows.

But now I can rest easy knowing that the universe has once again returned to some sort of balance, or at least knowing that I don't have to hear "rockin robin" again until July or August.

Oh no, Vote For the Worst will have to find a new darling.


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