Royale Results with Cheese-Yeah it's that show again

Top 7 is about to become top 6, and after one of the most dramatic intros ever, let's get started.  Take it away Seacrest...

I'm not sure how tempting Miley Cyrus is, but at least Jennifer Hudson is here.  UGH...the cheesiest Ford music video yet.  And no fancy intro, wow, they really must be watching their time.  Watch your step Anoop.  I can't believe they're doing "Maniac" although I have to say Kris totally made this intro worth it.  Actually it's decent, I was prepared for this to be total crap, but it's kind of awesome and Adam just yeowled, so you know it's good!  Seriously, when Kris sang to Kara, she and Paula turned into a pair of 13 year old girls.

Now I want to watch Flashdance...actually I want to watch a double feature of Flashdance and Footloose, because let's face it, the only reason Flashdance got that song is because Footloose was too busy Kenny Loggins-it-up.

Oh no, only a month of Idol left?!?!?  The only good news is that the Yankees season started about 2 weeks ago, so the world is still going to be set to rights.  Zac Efron is getting a ton of face time, Fox must be the studio behind 17 Again.  Oh man, the combination of Zac Efron and Kris Allen in the same building, and the world hasn't imploded.  I thought the hotness factor would have literally melted North America.  Actually, I think I've found the real cause of global warming.  Somewhere a polar bear just died.

Oh that's weird, Adam Lambert loves the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Anoop-I agree, anoop, come on Ryan....what in the world is wrong with this country?!?!? How is he in the bottom 3 this week?

Here's a topic to ponder- there's a movie studio out there who put up MILLIONS of dollars to make a sequel called Crank 2-High Voltage.  Here's something else to ponder.  I bet that Crank 2 takes over the number 1 spot from the Hannah Montana movie this weekend.  Try to sleep tonight, I dare you.

Jennifer Hudson...yay!!!  I can't believe she got kicked off of this show, and Fantasia Barrino won, that's ridiculous.  Oh well, I guess the term "last laugh" fits here, since she has an Oscar and a Grammy.  That was pretty darn good J-Hud.  I can call her J-Hud, since we're tight!
Why does every person on this show make Seacrest look like a very tan dwarf?

Kris and Lil- Lil is in the Bottom 3, that's fair.
Matt & Danny-Matt just would go back and sing it the way it was supposed to be "sang".  Danny makes excuses, and Randy butts in on Danny's!!!  Danny is safe

Bottom 3: Anoop, Lil, and Matt (I was close, Danny seriously must have worked some voodoo...again) and at least Anoop is SAFE!! Damn America, get on the Anoop train, it's about to pull out of the station, I'm telling you, this guy's got it.

Oh no, it's Miley Cyrus and a fog machine.  This is too much.  If this girl was on this show, I can tell you she would have gotten kicked off before Jennifer Hudson.  To quote Simon, "it's all a bit karaoke and self indulgent".  I like that she's performing her "rock" song in a prom dress.  Isn't this over yet?

Wow whoever's running the board must be mesmerized by Miley Cyrus, because they're asleep at the wheel.  Man, that vitamin water commercial is amazing, with the wild animals in the workplace and here's why:

"but Charlene's having a baby in two days" -Rabbit 
"Frank, this is the 34th time this year, are you two even still together?"-Human boss.


Wow, Matt was the lowest vote getter, now he must SING FOR HIS LIIIIIFFFEEE.
Paula and Kara are already on their feet.  Ugh, as much as I love Matt, it's torturous to watch Paula and Kara act the same way I do when I see Justin Timberlake.  It's too much.

oh boy...this is a big one: Simon just dropped a bombshell: he doesn't think Matt can win the competition, but they're saving him anyway!!!!

2 people are going home next week, and it's Disco Week...wowzas:

Ok, I'm starting the guessing game now, what will :

A. Adam sing 
B. Lil sing

Chris says Adam's doing "Don't Leave me this way"  I say he should do "Heart of Glass"

I say Lil's doing "I will Survive"

Please leave your suggestions


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