Top 7-This is Quentin's House AKA Inglorious Singers

Yes, you read that correctly.  Quentin Tarantino, an already legendary director after only 6 films, and let's face it, he really has already earned that legendary status, is going to be the guest "mentor" tonight, and I don't even care that people question his ability to "mentor".  He's awesome, he loves the show, I hope it rocks.

These intros are ridiculous and Paula looks like she's gone to the Joan Rivers school of hocking crap jewelry.  Man that thing, the jewelry equivalent of a face-hugger, is hideous.

I LOVE this Quentin Tarantino intro by the way.  Is anyone else super psyched for "Inglorious Basterds"?  I know I am.  I'm thinking he's an Adam fan or an Allison fan. 

Allison- "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"- oh man, I'm really tired of this song, but I'm sure I can stand it from her.  Oh and Fox sprung for the full orchestra, nice move.  It's another rough outfit night for Allison, not that I have a lot of room to speak sitting in my oversized IU sweatshirt, sweatpants, and holey socks.  This girl has such ridiculous pipes; she just gave me chills and you know that Steven Tyler is standing up and applauding that one.  Paula literally just used the phrase "special sauce" in reference to both Allison and Adam.  I know scary.  Paula has her weird, faux-mannequin hands-on-hips while sitting with creepy smile pose.  Someone get her some downers.

Anoop-"Everything I do I do it for You"-  Man his voice sounds smooth on this. I'm a little worried that Quentin was telling him to "rough it up".  I mean it's not a stand up and cheer performance, but it's darn good!  He's a balladeer so this works for him.  So far out of Randy all I've heard is "Noop-dawg in da house" "dude" "dawg" "dude".  Helpful Randy.  And Kara "connected" "heart" blah blah blah. Clearly Anoop got that short end of the stick with Kara and Randy.

Adam-"Born to be Wild"- Just so you guys know I called this five minutes ago, when they said "Easy Rider", my roommate can confirm.  I can't even fight it anymore.  I think I'm turning into an Adam fan.  It took a while, but he's just too much fun.  He actually needs to be in a Tarantino movie.  That's a match made in heaven.  YYEEEEEOOOOWWWW!!!!  Paula's already losing her mind.  He "dares to dance in the path of greatness" and he's "brave" according to Paula.  So philosophical, even Plato is wishing he could have come up with that off the sleeve.  Simon doesn't like it as much as last week, which really just means that didn't stand up.

Matt-I'm guessing he's singing "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman".  It was pretty much the best thing about Don Juan De Marco the movie, since Marlon Brando had already eaten his former self by that point.  If I wanted to know more about what went on backstage, Ryan, I would probably try out for the show.  He's back at the piano, which is usually a good thing.  I was over this song when it first came out, but this version is pretty good.  I don't know why he just tried to reach a note that's WWWAAAYY up there.  In case you were wondering, he didn't make it.  It was ok, for me, especially with this field narrowed down.  Randy: "rough patch" "you can really sing".  Kara babbling.  Simon literally is sitting there with his mouth gaping open because he's wishing that Kara's head would explode.  I'm with you Simon, actually I think MY head is about to explode if I have to listen to her again.

Danny Gokey-it's a big night, he's going with contact lenses.  Sorry I was busy laughing hysterically, he's singing "Endless Love".  UGH...and they have a harp onstage...seriously.  GROSS.  I can't stand this kid anymore, I know that's unfair, I mean he's got a good voice, and he sounds fine, on this, but he's boring.  I mean there's no way I could make it through a dinner party with him, unless he was literally singing everything "Pass the Potatoes"(in gravelly Gokey voice).  I think the song is stupid too, though, so it's not a totally fair judgement on my part. 
Paula "magical" and something about "slay us at the end".  Simon too traditional.  and P.S. Danny is NO DAVID COOK.

Kris Allen is coming up next, I literally just melted. Oh man, the promise of Kris Allen and Chris Pine in the Star Trek reboot.  I think a cold shower may be necessary.  Is there really a movie called "My Fake Fiancee" on ABC Family?!  My first thought:  that's ridiculous, my second thought "maybe staging a wedding for the money and the gifts isn't the lowest thing a person could do".  OH HOLY CRAP he's singing the theme song from's so beautiful, I mean it won an Oscar.  There's no way any female is walking away from this performance, heck there's no way any man is walking away from this performance, without a crush on this boy.  This is Kris' night, I'm sorry Adam fans.  Remember when Jason Castro performed Hallelujah?  That's this night for Kris.  Randy you're an idiot.  I actually agree with Kara.  Thankfully they cut her off before she can dig herself a hole.

Lil Rounds-apparently she's singing "The Rose"...blah.  Alright, she's kind of giving me chills, it's a pretty decent version of the song.  She's genius for brining in the gospel feel by the way.  I'm not a huge fan of the last note.  What does Paula even mean?  And Simon says as much.  But Simon also says that he doesn't love it. Finally Lil says something about the fact that the judges keep saying the SAME thing every week.

I think the bottom 3 will be: Matt, Danny, and Lil and I think Lil might be going home, or Matt.
But don't forget about the Judge's SAVE!!  If this was a Quentin Tarantino movie, Lil would have released a black mamba and cut off Simon's arm with a samurai sword.  Alas, we barely make the end and they cut to Fringe.


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