Alterna-LOST aka the thing that will keep me blogging after American Idol Rides into the Sunset

I've become so engrossed this season with LOST that I figured, in the next 7 months I would go back and watch all of the seasons and try to put this thing together, to add my thoughts to the millions and bajillions that are already out there, because, let's face it, my opinions are more important than others, or at least that's what I think, and probably my mom, who also reads this, but doesn't watch LOST.

With that knowledge, what I've also been asked/thought would be fun to do, is make up LOST stories that go with odd photos of LOST and LOST castmembers. I'm calling my version, Alterna-LOST, because basically, as crazy as the REAL series is, this one is going to be even more ridiculous.

If you want to participate in this, please feel free to leave a photo (leaving it as a comment for me would probably make the most sense, plus it would make me feel special since I LOVE comments) for me to make up a story about. Preferrably, they would at least start out as photos that have SOMETHING to do with LOST, but if it's something really random and really funny, I'll try to work it into my version of the island. I mean, seriously, who am I to turn down requests?

The photo to the right and above is one of the first ones I was given, and below is what I think may or may not have led to such a spectacle.

In the aftermath of the tragic nuclear bomb explosion, the blinding white light fades to reveal a barren island landscape. Jack’s shirt has literally disintegrated off of his body, but he’s somehow managed to survive. Far off in the distance, he hears a woman screaming. He starts jogging at first, building to a frantic sprint as the screaming gets more horrific. When he arrives he finds Claire. She’s pregnant, and ready to give birth. Of course, Jack being a doctor, he’s more than able to deliver the baby.

But what he see horrifies him so much he doesn’t know what to do. The baby is Charlie, but with BBS (Benjamin Button Syndrome). Claire has passed out from the pain. And it’s up to Jack to take care of the child, but now he realizes, the atomic bomb has so severely mutated everything else on the island. Not only has it jumped them back in time, it’s literally interchanged their parts as well. Realizing this is no place to raise a child, especially this child:

(You get to choose the ending)

Jack leaves the baby in the Jungle, by the smoke monster, but just before the smoke monster can consume it, a zombie Vincent drags it off to his lair.


He gathers up Claire, with mutant baby Charlie, and heads off for the only remaining submarine. He sets a course for New Orleans, where Mutant Baby Charlie will eventually fall in love with Cate Blanchett…


Jarrod said…

Heres one I've been holding on to:

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