To Rock or Not To Rock aka the Show Must Go On

So Seacrest has some big news for us at the beginning:   the foursome is splitting up and, besides their solos, they'll perform 2 duets.  Does anyone else find Ryan's explanation of the Idol stage mishaps boring?!

So who Kara is pretending to be a rockstar with her studded leather, and Adam?!  Fugheddaboutit!  He's leathered and glammed out for real.

Slash, I'm not gonna lie, I forgot how great he is.  I mean if you listen to the first 10 seconds of "Sweet Child O' Mine" it's hard to deny, but sometimes it's easy to get lost in the hair.

Adam's singing "Whole Lotta Love".  I'm not shocked at all.  He actually has a very Robert Plant vibe about him.  I'm actually sad that he's wearing a full shirt.  Robert would never have done that!  But then again this is a family show, I'm sure partial nudity is frowned upon.  Seriously, is there anyone out there who heard last week that it was going to be "rock night" and didn't already know that Adam was going to kick the crap out of whatever song he picked?!  Paula's already got that look on her face that basically screams "if I could I'd take you onstage right now, I would".

Randy "you are a rockstar toniiiiight!"
Kara "you're more than a rockstar, you're a rock god!"  oh man, she literally spewed herself all over the table
Paula "a whole lotta love, you're a whole lotta perfect" someone should take away the puns right now!
Simon "nobody can top that"
So everyone agrees, Adam is the second coming of Ziggy Stardust, Robert Plant, and Freddy Mercury all rolled into one.  In fact he might actually be Freddy re-incarnated.

Allison "Cry Baby" (Janis Joplin)  She's got this down.  All she pretty much has to do is hope that her teeth stay in her mouth.  And they do, and I loved that she gave everything for that.  
Randy "didn't love the song choice" for her.  The producers clearly don't want her to win.  Kara follows suit saying she didn't think it was great.  Paula think Allison should play Janis Joplin; not a whole lot of criticism on the performance.  Simon doesn't think it was original enough.  Allison looks like she's going to cry!  Don' do it, girl!  You were awesome!  The girls were crap this year except for you!

a reminder for any readers Itunes, Itunes, Itunes

Kris and Danny singing "Renegade" by Styx.  I like knowing that Danny is out of his element tonight.  Even Kris sounds more comfortable.  Danny sounds like Earth Wind and Fire cover Styx.  And then he gives Kris a fake hug.   Paula calls it "compelling" I'm really not sure that she knows the context of "compelling" here and Simon says Danny was better than Kris...UGH!

Kris is up next with "Come Together".  I love that he just admitted that he "wanted to pee his pants".  Ok, so he's not as powerful as Allison or Adam, I don't care.  He knows what he's good at, and he plays to his strengths, and yeah, he's super adorable, and he's giving it everything for this performance.  That should be enough to warrant a couple of votes!!

Randy says pretty much exactly what I just wrote, so I won't write it again.  Kara says he's "the softer side of rock" like he's Kenny Loggins or something, I don't get her.  Paula says it's about Kris' "artistic" delivery.  Simon thought it was like "eating ice for lunch".  Poor Kris, he looks so sad. And the producers just made him smile while giving out the numbers.  Man Kris doesn't think he's going to be back next week by the looks of it. 

Oh god, is Danny Gokey really going to sing "Dream On" by Aerosmith.  Oh god, excuse me while I make a nasty face the whole time.  My face pretty much looks like I've just smelled 16 week old cheese, you know, the kind that's turned green and grown feet.  Did he just sing "do do dooo"  OH MY GOD, he literally sounded like the feral cat outside my window last night.  
Randy gives him an "A+" for valiant effort.  F-that!  What did he give Kris?!  Who gives a crap about all of these "props" they're giving Danny, HE SUCKED on that!  I thought this was a "singing" competition on that.  At least Simon says it sounded like a horror film.  Actually I've heard better screams in horror movies, I'm pretty sure.

I'm a little disappointed with the song choice for Adam and Allison "Slow Ride" (best used in the film Dazed and Confused).  Adam is literally just going nuts with this song.  The first give away, the tightest stripedest pants I've ever seen in my life.  This one is better than the Danny-Kris one.  I'm betting they'll do this at the Idols concert.  It's almost unfair the way they paired this week.

I'm afraid, I'm very afraid that Kris is going to get kicked off this week.  Even though it should be Danny, just based on that last note...goooood-ness that was horrendous, oh thanks for the reminder Fox!  

Chris Daughtry, No Doubt, Paula Abdul and a chance that Gokey my go-key...I'm there!  You should be too!

I'm going to watch Danny Gokey's performance any time I need to feel better about myself.  I'll just tell myself, "at least I didn't do that on national television", it'll be my new mantra.  Did I also mention how happy it makes me that his idea of "rock star" is a buttoned up shirt and vest with a gaudy gold chain.  Nothing says rockstar to me like a second hand Tony Manero outfit...grooossss!  oh man, I've just replayed the part where Danny goes "do do dooooo" like five times and can't stop laughing.  That's gold right there.  Alright, I'll go for real now.


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