Alterna-Lost 3

As Claire drifts off to sleep, she's awakened by the sound of shots.  She turns expecting to see Sawyer heading after some other "Others" but she doesn't see Sawyer.  In fact, she doesn't see anything familiar.  Ragtime music is being played in some corner of a speakeasy.  She can't seem to get her bearings, until a man in a fedora carrying a large gun saunters up to her.

"Well hello Blondie."

She looked up expecting, again to see Sawyer, instead she saw....John Dillinger?!  This couldn't be right.  What was in that drink that Kate gave her?  Claire had learned not to doubt the power of anything that grew on that island, but was there really something strong enough to transport her back in time?!  Come on now.

Although she would admit that John Dillinger was handsome, in that I-carry-a-big-gun-and- break-the-rules, kind of way.  She always did have a thing for men who carried guns and broke rules.  She often wished Charlie was better with a firearm, but hey, what more can you ask from a guy you've only known 40 days who swears he'll protect you and your baby.

Back to reality, or at least her reality.  Claire smiled at John, and he offered her a drink.  Just as she was about to decline a man in a pinstriped suit appeared at John's side.  

"We have to go and now, the coppers are on to this place".  John rolled his eyes and offered his hand. 

"Want a way out of this gin joint, Blondie or do you wanna stick around for the trouble?"  Claire grabbed his hand and out the door they went.  As they were walking down the sidewalk, Claire suddenly heard sirens, and then the sirens turned into a baby's cry.  

"Aaron" she muttered to herself
"What" John asked but as he turned to face her, but it wasn't John's face anymore, it was turning into Charlie.  Claire closed her eyes and shook her head fast, hoping that if she shook her head fast enough, the etch-a-sketch of her brain might be erased.  Suddenly she felt Charlie shaking her. 

"Claire,  come back to me,  Claire what's going on?!  Did you get into some of my stash?!" Charlie sounded frantic as he asked.

"no,no, no" was all Claire could manage to say.  And then she felt fine.  Woozy but fine.  She took a deep breath and looked around.  

In the shadows Claire could see movement.  She suddenly realized where the cry was coming from.  Aaron was no longer next to her and in a moment she realized what had happened.  Kate had drugged her.  She had stolen Aaron for some deal with the Others.  She didn't know why and she didn't care.  She stood up and ran full force into the jungle after the cry.  She started to slow and listened for the footsteps.  She knew she was close and her movements were drowned out by Aaron's cries.  As soon as she was close enough she said the only thing that came to her mind.

"Let him go you bitch".*

As Kate turned around holding Aaron, Claire heard the cocking of a gun.  She turned to see Charlie was right behind her, pointing the muzzle of a not-so-big-but-big-enough gun at Kate.  

"You hand over Aaron now and we forget all about this.  It's just a bad tweak"  

Shaking, Kate placed Aaron in Claire's arms.  Just for good measure, Charlie pistol-whipped Kate.  

"She won't even remember what happened in the morning" Charlie shrugged as he heaved Kate over his shoulder and they headed back to camp.

*thanks to Sigourney Weaver for being so awesome


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