It's Official

No One reads this blog...ever, and that's comforting in some ways and distressing in others. Comforting because it now gives me free reign to be one of those annoying people who use blogs as a free form of personal therapy and distressing because, well, I strangely believed, in some hypocritical notion, that somehow my writing was different from others. Now that I know it's not, you will, along with movie and reality television reviews, find more socially important things, mostly that have to do with my observations/ideas/opinions. In other words, objectivity is dead and has been replaced with complete selfishness...well here goes:

A. I'm currently obsessed with the Genius mix function on I-tunes. I don't know why. But right now I'm listening to the Johnny Cash/Bob Dylan version of "Girl from the North Country" and I do believe Genius is a genius. Or maybe it's really Bob and Johnny that are the geniuses.

B. Does anyone remember THIS gem of a video? For some reason, despite the sadness of the song, the video never ceases to make me laugh...out loud...a lot! It's on my I-tunes twice, because I found 2 different versions, of the song that is.

C. I should probably start a medieval weapon collection, you know, for when the zombies come
THESE guys look very reliable, and at least these are decently priced. Reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has only made me want to be Elizabeth Bennett more...

D. Dan Brown is actually a great researcher and a person genuinely interested in history and storytelling and a completely crap writer.


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