So here's a list of my recent obsessions, in case you're keeping track:

This may be the MOST PERFECT BAG ever made, and it's only slightly outside of my price range:

It's the Harley bag from Banana Republic:

YUUUUMMMMM!!! I might get one, MIGHT, if only we were getting bonuses at work this year. I mean it's not that much of a stretch, but I suppose it would be slightly better to eat than to own this fantastic bag, but that thinking could change. Correction, that logical thinking has JUST changed. I have a new mission.


Aside from being newly introduced to WEHM, a really incredible radio station, that plays only the worthiest music ( you can listen here: www.wehm.com), I'm also strangely digging Train's new "Hey Soul Sister". It's catchy, I guarantee it. Watch out for Bob Schneider too. 40 Dogs (Like Romeo & Juliet) will be making an appearance on one of those Dawson's Creek wannabe shows soon, I'm almost positive.


Paranormal Activity was first on the list for this weekend, and therefore, Where the Wild Things Are has yet to be viewed. It does LOOK fantastic, but I'll wait to see whether it all comes together. Paranormal Activity is good for a scare, especially during Halloween season. There'll be an official review coming up. However, THIS

is the movie that I'm COMPLETELY OBSESSED with seeing as soon as it's released.
Check out the trailer here:
Also as a retro flashback, Two For the Road, might have just become my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie, although picking my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie is a lot like choosing which warm chocolate chip cookie I would prefer.


Aside from Castle, Glee and Flashforward, I'm also RE-OBSESSED with Paranormal State. It could be the fact that it's October, it could be the fact that A&E was running a marathon of it today, or it cold be the fact that I find Ryan strangely fascinating, but the only beef I have with this show is that it's only 30 minutes.

It may not be new, but thanks to genius strategies in book sales at my local B & N, I noticed and was extremely tempted to purchase Chuck Klosterman's Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs. I'll need something to remind me of the fact that zombie fighting is indeed not a legitimate profession to pursue. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is truly messing with my sense of reality, now I'm not sure if I should model myself on traditional LIzzy Bennet or Zombie-Head Chopping-Ninja Heart Eating Lizzy Bennet. Decisions, decisions .

It's baseball playoff season and that means there are only 4 teams left to root for:

L.A. Dodgers
Philadelphia Phillies (who I don't root for, only because of my redundancy rule)
L.A. Angels (or some variation on location which can sometimes include their former residency Anaheim)
and of course
New York Yankees

Choose your side very carefully, but when the Yanks win, don't say I didn't tell you so...


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