New Look Back-Before & After

Hello Everyone! I'm trying out a new look. It was time for a change. A little simpler, a little cleaner. I hope you all like it and find it slightly less offensive than the bubble gum pink bonanza that it was before. If you'd like, let me know what you think, but I'm pretty set in my ways, so the layout probably won't change, unless I get 800 (and exactly 800) requests to change something, A. Because, well it'd be nice to know that 800 people read this and B. because, well there isn't really a B, it's just a plea for comments.

Since I didn't want this to be a wasted entry, I figured I'd also give my updated Top 10 of the year so far, before we run head-on into Oscar season. With an updated list it's easier to kick things off, and compare the likability factors of each film, plus I just like making lists, even though I usually end up crossing things out and using ridiculous amounts of white-out, but that's the beauty of blog white-out. I learned that the hard way.

So here, without further ado, is the most important Top 10 List of 2009 so FAR!!!

1. Inglourious Basterds
2. The Hangover
3. UP!
4. Zombieland
5. 500 Days of Summer
6. Star Trek
7. Drag Me To Hell
8. 9
9. I Love You Man
10. Knowing

Honorable mentions would go to District 9 and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on here, but I thought I might be slightly too biased, so in an effort to be more open minded, I'm going to leave it off for now, although it probably is my most-viewed in a theater movie.

Here are the ones I'm expecting to take up residency on the list at some point before all's said and done

Up In the Air
The Lovely Bones

And the ones that I'm uncertain about how to feel yet:

A Single Man
The Princess and the Frog
The Blind Side
The Road
Where the Wild Things Are
The Men Who Stare At Goats
A Serious Man

So that's where things stand now. It seems to be the year of the phenomenon (Twilight Saga) and the major BLOCKBUSTER with Transformers 2 still managing to cling to the top of several records lists (inexplicable) and setting up the perfect halfway mark of the year to be bookended by Avatar. However, with 10 Best Picture slots waiting to be filled, it's going to be an interesting next couple of months to see which films pick up the most momentum. I'm hoping for Inglourious about you?

*If there's anyone who read this before adjustments, I did have to add 500 Days of Summer, because I can't believe that I had forgotten. I still have the soundtrack pretty much taking up residency in my car's cd player, and I can't believe I overlooked it initially. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel, and Marc Webb please forgive me!


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