So Many Thoughts, so little influence-

My head literally feels as if it's buzzing right now. Perhaps this is why I shouldn't take naps, because now I'm up at 12:13 am, and have to be at work in less than 6 and a half hours. Thank goodness it's a shortened day. Not that I would be able to concentrate anyway. Here's a stream of consciousness just because I have to get it out somehow, and I'm hoping that if I do, then maybe I can sleep some point.

A. Happy almost Thanksgiving to everyone and safe travels if you're going anywhere. I'd really like to be in Evansville, IN this year because it's just been a rough year and seeing everyone under better circumstances would brighten my year a bit, but as it stands, my paychecks are battling against me. To everyone going to the giant Koch gathering, be sure to eat up and laugh a lot and then eat some more. If you can mail me some of Aunt Janet's broccoli/rice casserole, I would attempt to do something of great favor in return! To Evansville, Chicago, California and Japan, I love you all and am more than thankful to belong to you guys!

B. I have at least 3- 4 reviews that I need to write for this blog. I need to write one for The Fantastic Mr. Fox (which is pretty fantastic indeed, oh Wes Anderson!), Pirate Radio (earlier this evening, in arguing the points of different directors I uttered the phrase Richard Curtis is my James Cameron! and I refuse to take it back, in fact I'm downright proud of it), New Moon, I need to finish my Paranormal Activity review and scan through the rest of my tickets to see what I haven't reviewed fully yet. I'm actually terrible at my non-paying part time reviewer gig. I'm sorry people.

C. I had this exchange earlier tonight with my friend Robert, we had been debating the worthiness of Lady GaGa. I was on the I get it she's like this generation's Madonna...yeah I get it, but really?! bandwagon. And he was on the, she's more than Madonna, she's like our queen bandwagon.

Me: When you tell these lies to yourself, do you believe them?
Him: Of course, honey, that's why I'm in advertising.

When things like this get uttered, I love my life all over again.

D. Marisa Miller is on Conan right now, and at this moment, I truly believe if my parents had just made me a one-s Marisa instead of a two-s Marissa, I would have better metabolism and a higher, Victoria's Sectret-paid paycheck. I've also recently been lobbying the case that they should have continued to name me Elliot, despite the fact that I was a girl and then just called me Ellie. My dad's reply: "hhmmmm...I didn't even think of that!" So maybe the two-s Marissa thing was just a fluke.

E. If you have never seen this clip of Van Morrison from "The Last Waltz", please do yourself a favor and watch it HERE now. It's probably one of the clips that has given me the most joy over the last 4 and a half years, since watching the Last Waltz in my dorm room my senior year. Keep watching to the end, once the kicks set in, you know it's going to be a great time.

F. Just heard a great new band, well at least I think so, The Drums, on BBC 6 radio. Why aren't many of our radio stations this progressive? It's disturbing that I have to go all the way across the pond to hear a band that originated in Florida/Brooklyn. You can listen to them here:

I recommend starting with "I Felt Stupid"

G. This American Life is still rocking my world. It's begun pervading some of my conversations. I'll bring it up casually, like I've been a listener since 1996, when in reality I just listen to at least 2 episodes a day to make up for lost time. Any "This American Life" merchandise is welcome as Christmas gifts, if you're stuck.

H. Why is Taco Bell so terribly delightful? I'm pretty sure they sneak roofies into their Mountain Dew so you don't know exactly what you've eaten. All you know is that you've paid less than 10 dollars for a hit.

I. Jakob, Legacy and Russell are my favorite male dancers on So You Think You Can Dance this year. For the girls I really only like Ellenore and Kathryn. All that's left to wonder now is who thinks they can dance more...

J. I finally picked up 2 Chuck Klosterman books and am VERY excited to read them. I was so excited, in fact, that I started reading one and within the first 5 pages found out Chuck and I already have a lot in common. He blames John Cusack for ruining the female population as well. Now I feel kind of like a fraud, but the truth of the matter is I wrote my Lloyd Dobler blog (found here )well before I ever even owned the book, and now it's been proven that there are no original thoughts to be had ever. Although I blame Lloyd Dobler and not John Cusack, very different in my opinion. (Like I said, it's just my opinion)

K. Why do women shop at Victoria's Secret with their significant others? I understand going in with friends, but if you go in with your boyfriend/husband well then you're just non-verbally bragging. Then you're just rubbing it in the single girls' faces that you're going to be making use of your purchase. It's really an upsetting and non-sisterly move ladies. You might as well walk in, pick up the negligee and then go around to each of the girls in there with your boyfriend/husband in tow and on an individual basis get in their face and say "OH YEAH! NA NA NA NA NA" Or is it just me that feels this way?

L. YAY!!! I just saw the first preview for Chuck on NBC! Hooray 2010!

M. Sadly, a little part of my teens just died when I heard Claire Danes say she was now married to Hugh Dancy. When I saw him in David Copperfield, I was pretty sure I was going to marry him. For a while my dad even referred to him as "one of your boys". Alas it wasn't to be. How does one get to be so lucky as to make out with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto (during the super hot years) and marry Hugh Dancy? Whatever she did in a previous life, I hope I'm doing right now.

N. I need to buy more vinyl, but probably need a turntable first.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the ramblings of a mildly frenetic mind. Sorry for the utter ramblings, but I hope you found something to laugh about or learn about!


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