4 -1 guys of 2009...for geek girls like me

It's been a while, what can I say? Every year I think that the holidays aren't going to catch me off guard, and every year I'm scrambling to finish everything. When will I ever learn?! Oh well, as it stands, I'm trying to finish up everything I intended to do before the end of the year, so this is going to be one of those loose ends that I'm attempting to tie into a nice little bow.

#4 guy of 2009:

That's right, it's Jesse Eisenberg. Despite what many might consider his breakout role in 2005's critically acclaimed "The Squid and the Whale", 2009 was Eisenberg's breakout year. It was double the pleasure with "Adventureland" and "Zombieland", the latter of which was such a success there will be a sequel, for which I might have to fight some other geek girls to get to the head of the line for. In the meantime, he has what seems like a kind of massive number of films waiting in the wings, on IMDB I'm counting at least 5 that are either filming, in production, or post-production, the most interesting of which might be David Fincher's "The Social Network". I'm hoping this is a sign of good things to come!

#3 guy of 2009:
Bradley Cooper

If there was a surprise hit of 2009, it would have to be "The Hangover". It was hardly on anyone's radar and then like some comedic Haley's Comet it suddenly appeared and one of its stars was the uber hot Mr. Cooper. He had previously shown up in the February-tastic release of "He's Just Not That Into You", and although his character was an unsavory adulterer, it's kind of hard to blame a guy that hot for acting on his natural instincts. He's been around for a while, showing up mostly in TV pilots and series, but he's quickly making a name for himself as a comedic leading man. He and his stubble will be next appearing in the film adaptation of "The A-Team", one of the 80s revivals I'm actually excited to see!

#2 guy of 2009:
There's something about a boy and his bat. Eli Roth might have started out 2009 as a name bantered about in cult film circles (I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of "Hostel" and his Thanksgiving trailer for Grindhouse reached almost as massive a status as its full-length features) but with the release of "Inglourious Basterds", Roth became a household name. Or was that just my household? Either way, his portrayal of the Bear Jew, you know the guy who bashes Nazis for fun and blew up Hitler's face with semi-automatic, sent him into the stratosphere. He's super hot, talented, usually good at updating his Twitter page, and seems to genuinely appreciate the notice. What's not to like?!

And drumroll please....
The #1 guy of 2009: Ryan Reynolds

If this magazine cover isn't enough, well then I don't know what to say. Ryan's been steadily working his way up the ladder to leading man, and this year seemed like a breakthrough for him. He had a small part in "Adventureland", another role in "Wolverine: X-Men Origins" in which he was CRIMINALLY underused, but everything pulled back together for "The Proposal", in what I'm really quite tempted to call the best romantic comedy of the year. His comedic timing is always pitch perfect, it has been since "Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place" where I first remember thinking "hmmmm...who is THAT guy?" It looks like 2010 might be a little quieter, since he only has 1 movie with a release date, the creepily titled "Buried", but brace yourselves for 2011, in which is plays not one comic-action icon, but 2, starring in both "Deadpool" (his X-Men spinoff) and "The Green Lantern".

So there it is, my list of hotness of 2009. Go ahead, tell me who I missed, but make it quick, there's only 2 days left of the year!


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