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#5 of 2009:

If you know me...you knew it was only a matter of time before this one showed up on the countdown. That's right it's time for

Daniel Radcliffe:

Okay, so I'll admit that I'm not entirely sure whether I'm more intrigued by Daniel because he's Harry Potter or because Daniel Radcliffe has seemingly made growing up in front of the camera look significantly less painful than others who have gone before him, but I have to say that ever since about the third film installment things started to get interesting. Anyway, he's more than legal now and getting more and more watchable with each passing year at Hogwarts. Sure by the time the final, FINAL installment comes out, in 2011, Daniel will be 22, but that will only make it easier for me to feel better about making excuses to go see these movie multiple times. As for 2009, the sixth installment "Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince" (in case you're peeking at this blog from under your rock home) did some pretty major damage at the box office this summer. So for keeping July interesting for me, as well as being a big tease in Equus, Daniel get's a nice, cozy, above halfway spot on the countdown. With the first part of the 7th volume due out next November, I'm pretty sure he's either working on keeping this spot or moving up.


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