7 days of guys...for geek girls like me!

#7 of 2009:

Ok, so I'm technically cheating here again. I'm using one space for three guys, but I mean that's technically allowed on some countdowns right? Well these three guys all have a very distinct thing in common: they're all on the best new show of the season.
Matthew Morrison

Cory Monteith


Mark Salling

I mean, come on, it's hard to choose between these 3! You can be attracted to a different one, depending on your mood. Glee is actually a lot like the television equivalent of a mood ring. If you're feeling overworked and underpaid, but still inspired, you're probably going to be head over heels for Will Shuester. If you're feeling a little naive, but ambitious, then you're probably crushing pretty hard on Finn. If you're just feeling a little angsty and ready to take as much from the world as you can that day, no regrets, you're probably down with Puck. The beauty of the show is that there's never a boring moment and that you feel better after having experienced it. The beauty of these 3 guys is that there's no way you can make a bad decision on Wednesday nights!


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