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#8 Man of 2009:

Sam Worthington

And before you ask, yes, I kind of situated him on the list so that this would come out on the same day as Avatar, not that Mr. Worthington or anyone associated with him, or anyone that's ever ridden next to him on a subway will ever see this. Still, it's the thought that counts. But in case you're asking yourself Sam who? you won't be asking yourself for long. The U.S. audience first got a (half-robot) glimpse of him in the latest Terminator installment, Terminator Salvation, in May. In case that didn't carry enough clout with it, he's the star in the BIGGEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME EVER, or something like that, Avatar. And the good news is, if that's still not Worthington enough for you, he can be caught in next years Clash of the Titans (scheduled for release in March of 2010) as Perseus. After playing a Terminator, an Avatar and a Greek god-like figure, sounds like someone might have a complex if he's not careful. Even with a complex this guy's still awesome because A. he's hot and B. he's Australian. Import Success!


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