9 days of guys...for geek girls like me!

Well ladies, you can go ahead and thank me now. I'm going to give you a double dose of hotness. Almost bordering on super hotness. You might actually need to wear ove-gloves or something to handle this. In the words of the extremely wise Beyonce Knowles, "I don't think you're ready for this jelly"...but you probably are ready for it so here goes:

#9 of 2009;

Alexander Skarsgard :

Ryan Kwanten:

That's right, it's the boys from True Blood. I could have added most of the entire male cast of this show but I was trying to be as specific as possible. And let's face it, while the first season might have belonged to the, now-tame Sookie and Bill (boring) relationship, things literally exploded in the second season. HBO has got to be thrilled that they stuck with the second season on this show, because it's made these guys a household/watercooler name.

As for these 2 guys specifically, Alexander Skarsgard's Eric's got a haircut and a whole lotta hotness, stepping up the sexual tension with Anna Paquin's Sookie. How she's holding out, I have no clue. If Eric were anywhere near me, well let's just say I'd be enjoying my nocturnal (eternal) life a whole lot more.

And Ryan Kwanten's delightfully dim Jason had a fantastic character arc this season. Sure there weren't as many shirtless scenes as there were in the first season but he made up for it with some quality dialogue. Ok, ok, dialogue is no excuse for not being shirtless but it was nice to see Jason as a 3 dimensional character right?!


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