Brilliant Idea

So I had an epiphany yesterday, and I think my goal for next year is going to be to read 1 book a week. That's right, 52 books may or very well may not get completed for next year!! YAY!

In sharing this idea, it was also suggested that maybe I could use this in some way to make a sort of fundraiser or drive for literacy charities. I think this is a fantastic idea, but I'm not sure how I could go about that. I'm not sure if I should start a book drive or find a charity and contact them.

Anyway, what I'm asking from you (if anyone reads this, I'd really really love some input) is for book suggestions and/or ideas on how to get this thing off the ground. I'm thinking I should start with books 300 pages or less, at least for the first couple of months. That could change.

I'm going to scour a couple of "Must-Read" lists, but if anyone has something that they really think my life would be more complete by reading, by all means, suggest away! I'm pretty excited about this, and plan on blogging about it, and if anyone would like to join me in this endeavor, please let me know!


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