Get Ready People!!

So the New Year is upon us, or is almost upon us. The promise of all those broken New Year's resolutions just lying in wait to pounce upon us in our saddest moments, usually finding us while eating Chubby Hubby in the dark, oh I can't wait. But first, the almost-new-year also means LISTS! Lots and lots and lots of lists. Best of the year lists, and since it's the end of 2009, Best of the Decade lists. It's LISTS-GALORE!! And I'm making my own list this year, and not just a book list, a man list!

Well a list of men that defined 2009, for me. And yes this is for me, so should Barack Obama be on the Best of 2009 list? Probably. Will he be on mine? Probably not because he's busy doing things like running the country not fighting zombies. If President Obama had fought off zombies and looked adorable doing it, that would be a different story. But simply winning a Nobel Peace Prize won't gain you entrance on to this, the most sought-after prize to be awarded to the male species.

Starting December 13th, I'll be revealing my 12 Guys of 2009. You can leave suggestions, though I've already compiled the list, but feel free to pick fights if you feel I left someone off or put them in the wrong spot. Check back on December 13th to see the first reveal!


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