Back In The Day-November 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Awesomeness pt.VI

So there's nothing really new this week...except that the tabloid godshave been smiling down on us. I hope everyone had a HappyThanksgiving/Beginning of Christmas. I was sad that I didn't get tosee too much news coverage of people knocking down other human beingsto beat their way to a printer at 5 am, but you know, you win some,you lose shall we get started?!
Awesomeness in Movies: You know, those things with the popcorn andthe soda and the annoying people sitting next to you who yell outevery thought coming into their heads....Anyway:
Best Movie That Hasn't Been Released...Yet: I hate to sound redundant,and I really try not to, but I just can't wait for Children of Men tocome out. In case you don't know it yet (the trailer can be foundhere it's Clive Owen's new movie, with JulianneMoore, with maybe the most unique plot I've heard in a while. Also, Ireally didn't think I would write this, but I have been watching a lotof Oprah so I'm probably feeling overly optimistice, but Will Smith'snew one The Pursuit of Happyness, looks like a pretty good bettoo...meaning I'm sure I'll be crying profusely by the end of it. Or,if you never tire of blood during the holidays, you can go seeTuristas when it opens...or just go to Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve (withthis option, you get the bonus of hearing lots of childrenscreaming...way better than a choir of angels!).
DVD that should have been out YESTERDAY: Well here's the best thingabout the ChristmaHannaKwanzika season...THE MOVIES! Not only dodirectors desperate for some kind of nomination fire their big guns,but studios desperate to make bank before the end of the year decidethat stocking stuffers in DVD form are the best present EVER!! Soyou're choice this holiday will be huuuuuuuge!!! I'm going to try fora pretty complete list of the biggies, but just in case you'rewondering, check with
DEC. 5th- Miami Vice, Pirates of the Carribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest,Beerfest (YEESSSS...!) and a couple of semi-ridiculous/amazingchoices: the Rocky Anthology and Dukes of Hazzard, the complete 7thSeason
Dec. 12th- World Trade Center, The Devil Wears Prada, and TalladegaNights. And just in case you were wondering what to get that man inyour life who's so hard to shop for or that older sister who haseverything, Full House (5th Season) and James Bond Ultimate Editions 3&4. But I'll let you decide who gets what.
Dec. 19th: The only ones I can bring myself to nominate are LittleMiss Sunshine (it will DEFINITELY get some major nominations thisyear, it's a shoe-in for a Golden Globe and I'm going to say at least2 Oscar nods and it deserves every bit of it) and Step Up(hahahhahahahhaa...I just had to get it out of the way first, I don'twant you guys thinking you've got the drop on it's not goingto win anything...except maybe a Razzie).

However, there are two very important ones to mention that are notlisted above. First, Disney's Robin Hood is being re-released, thatmeans you have to get it before it goes into the vault...kind of likeSupermarket Sweep! and secondly, I'm not quite sure when it will bereleased, but I'm waiting to see The Descent. I can only watch thosekinds of movies with a blanket securely around me...yes, I was talkingabout Robin Hood.
So go ahead and stuff know it is better to give than toreceive...that's what HE SAID!!!..Sorry I had to.
Finally, and maybe most improtantly for geeks like me...THE HARRYPOTTER TRAILER IS OUT!!! YYYEEEESSS!!! You can watch the trailer atany of the locations listed here. First impressions? You mayask..well I kind of liked Harry with the longish tousled hair...DanielRadcliffe looks so serious now...and yes, I do feel like acradle-robber writing this.
Also I just found a new movie website that some might like to checkout: It looked pretty good
TV Awesomeness!:
Well, since there wasn't a new episode of The Office on on Turkey Day,but I did watch the two hour Deal or No comment...I have tosay that I have a new favorite
show of the week!: Hold onto your ankles Beauty and theGeek: Season 2 YESS! In between all of that old rehashed crap thatMTV has been ciphening to the world, is Beauty and the Geek 2. I alsoonce thought oh god! TV has fallen so far! at the sound of this show.And now all I can say is thank you Ashton Kutcher, thank you forreading my mind and coming up with such a divine social experiment. Imean come on, when you team up contestants who are categorized asspeed chess champ and beer spokesmodel...please it's gold! Favoriteresponse of the night: Q: What is the capital of Iraq? A: Can youspell Iraq for me? uuhhmmm Afghanistan.
I mean really, I can't make this up.
TV Show I should have been into a long time ago: Bones . I mean it'sDavid Boreanaz. When I was 14, I was pretty sure I was going to marryhim. Also it's more crime forensics that I can't seem to get enoughof. The good news if you're like me: The first season was justreleased on DVD, so you can catch up!
Saddest Moment of the week so far: That the beauty queen blondesdidn't get kicked of Amazing Race. Why, CBS, why do I have to watchtheir idiocy, selfishness, and in general, complete ineptness withdirections for ONE MORE WEEK?! For real, it's bad enough that the malemodels are in the lead...maybe if they win they can land some moremer-man commercials, but to handle the bitchy barbies for one moreweek is torture. Just because you bought Katie Couric for aridiculous sum of money doesn't mean you had to sell your soul tooCBS! Alright, I'm done.
also I was very sad that I had to watch Charlie Brown Christmaswithout any sound, I was at the gym, if you're wondering. I reallyshould just buy it!
MOST AWESOMENESS stuffed into a week, at least since September!
Oh my gosh, where to start, where to start.
Britney Spears: Ok, at first I was all, "Thank god!" and "You GoGirl" and then this week happened. She's clubbing with Paris theHeiress and showing her hoo-ha to every flashing photog. No, no, no.You've just had two children dear! I'm all for the "shove it inKevin's face" approach, but who's taking care of the babies, yourassistant Felicia?! I don't know if it's such a good plan. Maybe atleast just go look at a pair of underwear, then you'll remember thatclassiness isn't just a word!
Kid Rock and Pam Anderson: Who saw this coming so soon?! I didn't, Ihave to say I was actually hoping the best for them, but I guess 4weddings really does make a funeral
K-Fed: hahahhaha oh how the mighty fall huh Kev?! Is it hardadjusting to only being on E-news twice a week instead of every twohours? Now they're saying that he was shacking up with a porn star amonth before the big split. I think, ladies and gentlemen we havejust found the only living neandrathal specimen!
Oprah! Is awesome. I mean how much more can you say about her?! I'vebeen watching almost religiously and the episode about her favoritegive away was actually the most inspiring thing ever. Really. I onlyhope that one day, Oprah reads this blog and says to herself "I likethis girl, she has spunk", call me up and says "Mariss, I can onlyinspire so much, i'm tiring of it, will you please take up my empire?"and I will of course say "Sure Op...I guess we can call it 'Marpo'productions now?" and then I will have my very own Marpo stationarywith inspiring writings on it! Yes, my future is amazing!
Quick Movie Reviews: I'm so excited that I actually went to thetheater TWICE over Thanksgiving weekend...Yes, I was very thankful!
1. Casino Royale: 4.5 out of 5. I thought, "oh no, Daniel Craig?!"and by the end I was thinking "please sir, may I have some more?". Inall seriousness the best Bond I've seen at least since Goldeneye.There's such a difference, Craig actually seems like Bond as you'dwant him to be, not like Roger Moore's semi-spoof. I mean I loveRoger Moore too, but Roger could climb up a construction scaffold onfoot about as well as an elephant could build a house of cards.
2. Bobby: 4.0 out of 5. I was much more affected by this, but I thinkCasino Royale is what you'd be looking for in terms of sheerentertainment. It's an interesting take on, what is to me, the mostfascinating time in our history. You like the characters, but noneare onscreen long enough to bond with, and some of the writing laggeda bit. I think Sharon Stone as an Oscar nod is a bit hopeful. She'spretty much the same character as in Casino. But I still cried.
3. This is not in theaters, but it is on DVD: Wordplay. 4.6 out of 5.I know I know, I'm so nitpicky. I'll be honest. Technically, thisis a movie about the New York Times crossword puzzle and the peoplewho invest their time in doing it almost everyday. Seriously, thereare people who can do these crosswords in less than 3 minutes. It blewmy mind and I was actually cheering at the end. Ridiculousness. Iwould pretty much love to see this idea turned into an episode for TheOffice where you find out that Stanley was a crossword champ in hisyouth, and Dwight challenges him to a cross-off. And Stanley getsback in fighting shape and kicks some Schrute Ass! If you didn't getthat, I'm sorry, leftover obsession!

If there's anything you think I missed let me know, otherwise, ifyou've made it this far..thanks and have a good week!


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