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TELEVISION- the 10 shows you should NEVER forget this year
10. Heroes- it's the biggest thing to hit NBC since ER (which really,NBC, please sign a DNR for next season...why drag this out?!) It's like an M. Night Shamaylan movie in serial form (but apparently waaaaay better than Lady in the Water) and it's about superpowers,plus Milo Ventigmilia makes it worthwhile...why not be into it?!
9. Amazing Race/ The Sopranos - I was totally obsessed with these shows at the beginning of the year, but steam ran out towards the end...although I still wish that Bama had won the Amazing Race, instead of a team described as "male models"...puh-lease. But TheSopranos is returning in 2007 for one last whack...
8. The Office- I would count it higher, but I wasn't aware of its true awesomeness until the beginning of Season 3, at which point I religiously rented Seasons 1 and 2, watched and re-watched every episode and got Season 2 for Christmas. It's subtle, amazing comedic acting, quick witted and has a prankster who moves desks into bathrooms, puts staplers in jello and manages to put every office supply in the vending machine...what more do you need?! Did I mention an unrequited love story that could rival any Cheers or Moonlighting saga?
7. Flavor of Love - seriously, if there was a t.v. show where New York got spit on every day, I think I would watch it. The only thing more outrageous than Flavor Flave are the women who want to be his baby-momma...seriously, does he look like a man capable of serious commitment?! Also when Brigitte Nielson is passing judgement on you,it's time to re-evaluate your life, maybe. But I'll tune in for I love New York coming to VH1 in 2007...just to see if she gets spit at again!
6. Dancing with the Stars- the show that proves you just can't keep a fun, cheesy show down. The ratings were through the roof, Jerry Springer was hoofing up a storm, and Mario Lopez had an internal meltdown when he heard that Emmitt Smith had won...oh the drama!
5. Grey's Anatomy- I have been severely remiss in watching Season 3,but I was rabid about Season 2! I mean it's Patrick Dempsey being even more adorable than I remember him in With Honors (P.S. producers- you should totally have Brendan Frasier guest star), it's cute men leaving you 8 million dollars because you tried to save his life, it's bombs blowing up inside people (technically just blowing up in front of a person) and a million other little things that make it so watchable!Oh and did I mention that the music supervisors rock!
4. Project Runway- I loved this season...loved it loved it loved it!and was super-psyched when Jeffrey won! Uli should make some dresses pronto so that I may purchase them and Michael is just kick-ass period. Laura however, you might want to stick to your day job and your 6 kids.
3. Continuity- no it's not show, but I just wanted to salute those shows who continue to stay at the top of their game. House, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, CSI:New York, American Idol, and Entourage all prove that it doesn't necessarily take something splashy, just some great writing, solid acting and some heart thrown in for good measure to keep a show's contract renewed.
2. Losers- in every sense of the word. First of all, I'm a bit mad at CSI. I thought they might up the ante this year, going head to head with Grey's Anatomy, but something is really missing, I don't know what it is, but please fix in in 2007! Second, of all the finalists on American Idol, I think the losers were the best! It was finally the year of the underdogs...did I mention the Democrats swept the Congress?!
1. The Wire- Seriously, the best show on television, hands down. You think Law and Order has urban locked haven't seen nothin' yet! If you don't know the name Stringer Bell or Marlo Stanfield, if you don't know the difference between East and West Baltimore and if you didn't watch in awe as the young ones of The Wire made it the best season might have something wrong with you! You're missing the best writing, directing, acting of any ensemble cast, and the Emmys just keep ignoring's really unfortunate, but do yourself a favor and catch up with the residents of's a trip you'll never forget, and want to take again and again!


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