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Saturday, December 30, 2006
Huge Awesomeness..continued

Well kids, there was just so much to write about once I got started that I would really need to cut it into two blogs, in order to best keep your attention. So what's mainly going to follow is a Top Ten list for Film, Television and Music, respectively, and remember they're just opinions, but they're probably right! Please...Enjoy!
MUSIC - "So what did happen in music, I can't really remember..." you ask, well I'm here to remind you, we'll start with 10, since everyone loves a little antici....pation!
10. Paris and K-Fed release their debut (and hopefully only) albums -I was going to title this the sixth sign of the apocalypse, but I thought that might be a little much...but not really. So there it is, you don't want to remember it but you will and one day when you find yourself humming along to "Stars are Blind" don't blame me.
9. Gwen Stefani takes rocking to another level- I mean let's face it,the woman is a powerhouse! Not only is she married to the coolest rock star from the late 90s, Gavin Rossdale, but she's a mother to an infant son who still has time to design amazing fashions, finish one world tour and one new album (The Sweet Escape) and plan another tour! Wannabes like Fergie Ferg can't even dream of being this awesome!
8. Carrie Underwood is my Idol- I'm sorry I know it's cheesy but I had to. This girl is going big places and fast, look for another great year for Carrie in 2007.
7. Snoop and the Dogg House - It was just one of those years for the rap mogul. It seemed like he managed to land himself in every holding facility around the globe, but still managed to be one of the coolest cats around!
6. Three 6 to be exact - In one of the most genuinely surprising Oscars that I can remember, the rap trio took home the little golden god for Best Original Song for the movie Hustle and Flow , and were probably the most humble, ecstatic people on the red carpet!
5. Punk goes the weasel...I mean pop - Hey remember when Fall Out Boy had MTV by the cohones and then Panic! At The Disco joined in? It was the year of three minute songs, unintelligible lyrics, and quirky, pseudo hipster videos!
4. Bubble Gum's Princesses all fall down -Except for Christina Aguilera. She did manage to put out a blockbuster album, look awesome and just outshine the competition. Overall though, the pop was left behind for a groovier R&B sound, think Ciara and the mondo Grammy nods to Mary J. Blige.
3. Adieu- time to say goodbye to some of the legends that shuffled off of this mortal coil- Wilson Pickett, Gene Pitney, Billy Preston, and James Brown among them.
2. U2- really need I say more? They dominated the Grammys, and Bono was everywhere saving the world with Project(RED) and getting a Nobel Peace Prize nomination!
1. "Oh's so good of you to come back, you look Great!"-that's right, Justin Timberlake dropped a ridiculous album that had everyone dancing and he looks better than ever! Plus I'm seeing him in March, so I had to make him number 1!
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