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Sunday, November 05, 2006
Awesomeness...part IV

I can't even believe this year...really, if it's not one thing it'sanother. So while last week I simply chose to not watch a lot of stuff on t.v., this week, when there was stuff actually worth watching, the cable went out...what?! It's a whole other story,that's not nearly so interesting...ok well it is, but it would takewayyyyy too much time, so here's the week's recap and a small lookahead, as well as some observations that I've taken the time to make...enjoy!
Movie Awesomeness...meaning what you should watch, shouldn't watch and a whole bunch of other crap thrown in!
Movie that you SHOULD see: clearly it's Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Glorious Benefit for Kazakhstan. Any movie that can manage to get that much legitimate media attention (I'm talking CNN,not just E! News with Ryan Seacrest!) deserves to be seen. There's no way that Santa Clause 3 even stands a chance, so maybe Martin Short better start thinking of a way to make Steve Martin do Grandfather of the Bride. Don't forget that Babel gets worldwide release this coming Friday (11/10). It's looking like the best bet for next weekend.

DVD that Hasn't Been released...yet: Accepted... I love Justin Long, and is this movie going to win Oscars...NO...with that said, it's just a fun movie to watch. I mean there's no heavy thinking involved, or I suppose if you want closer to NO thinking involved, you can rent Little Man. (both will be in your preferred rental hall of choice on Nov. 14th)
Best DVD that was JUST released...or something you might want to pickup anyway...: I think I might want to rent Nacho Libre just for thesheer joy of seeing Jack Black before the Tenacious D movie getsreleased. I mean if there's anything more enjoyable that Mexican wrestling, it's Jack Black mexican wrestling!

Best Movie You Probably Haven't Seen: Some people may call me crazy for this..and if that's what you have to say to make yourself feelbetter, then fine...but Big Trouble in Little China is maybe the best work that Kurt Russell had ever done before Miracle that is...which if you haven't seen you should call yourself un-American.

Saddest Break-up News Ever...well: Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe...I can't even take this. I mean, they fell in love on Cruel Intentions and the scene where Counting Crows' "Colorblind" is playing is maybe one of the best of the whole "teen movie" genre thing. They're so cute together...I mean if they can't make it...who can...maybe TomKat will change the whole "Hollywood marriages don'twork" thing....hahahahhahahah.

TV Awesomeness...or at least what I could catch of it....
Best Show of the Week...: clearly it's House. Two weeks ago there was a guy with an eyeball that literally just exploded out of its socket!I mean that's quality television ( I think the episode was from last season). However, this week the show returned with a less grotesque,yet still disturbing episode. And House got it odd thatI find Hugh Laurie ridiculously handsome..especially in his motorcycle jacket?!
Best Channel...Maybe Ever: VH1 without a doubt. I know there'll be purists out there who are like..."It's called Video Hits...where are the videos?!" Well to those people I say "You're a great big poop face!" because VH1 is soooo amazing that sometimes I can't even takeit all in at one time. This week, 80s week, the series 100 best songs of the 80s was premiered, and let me tell you, it was amazing! I do NOT agree with the choice of number 1, which in case you missed it,was Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" but I think that the essence ofthe 80s was captured. Journey's "Don't Stop Believin' " should have definitely ranked higher, but the commentaries were as enjoyable asever...especially for Prince's "Little Red Corvette"...did you knowwhat that song was really about?!

Most Ridiculous TV Reality show premise: Dancing with the Stars and yet, I'm still strangely drawn to watching it. Monique Coleman went home this week; I never thought she really got a break with the judges, leaving Joey Lawrence, the inevitable Whoa!, Mario Lopez,whose hips I believe are detachable, and Emmitt Smith, with apparently the most controversial sports change since Michael Jordan played baseball. I think Mario will cha cha away with the prize, but really the only question is, "who's going to be on next season?" If Rachel Ray or Hulk Hogan or Flavor Flav are any of them, I think I will personally contact the president of ABC and say "thanks for making television terrible, why can't you be more like VH1"...oh wait

Lost update: For those of you who have watched and understand thiswhole story, more power to you! I'm waiting for all of the DVD's tocome out and see if watching them back to back makes any more sense.However, this week's (11/8) episode is going to be the last new episode until Feb. so that ABC can roll out a mid-season replacement show starring Taye Diggs ( I already like it...even if it does look exactly like the new Denzel Washington movie Deja Vu) so if you want to catch a new LOST before th New Year, do so now!

Other Pretty Awesome stuff...
website of the week: I mean, I'm really torn about Delilah...I love her, but sometimes I don't think she's for real, like the time that this woman called in and said that she had a stalker but that he had been caught and she just wanted to put the whole thing behind her and she'd let Delilah choose the song and Delilah chose "I can See clearly now the rain is gone.."( I'm pretty sure if that song title had a parentheses it would be (Sunshiny Day). I mean really...but most of the time, I won't lie the stories on Delilah make me cry, and this page is just ridiculous! So just go and dedicate a song to someone so that Delilah can then change it ...I would say if you want something really great like "When I Fall in Love" you'll probably be looking to hear "Paradise by the Dashboard Light".
The Show you should catch at least 3 times on VH1...: Totally Awesome the spoof on all of those 80s movies starring Chris Kattan and a million others! It's also released on DVD this Tues.
Best Show you've probably never heard of: Creature Comforts it's fromthe BBC, and it's pretty awesome, you'd have to see for yourself!
Finally...Remember When the songs from the mid-90s rocked. I don'tknow why but this week has been like one long flashback to middles chool for me and I've heard Sophie B. Hawkins (As I lay me down to know) and the Cranberries ( I thought Dolores O'Riordan was the second coolest person on the planet..Shirley Manson being the first and Tori Amos third) and Counting Crows and I just though they...remember when the mid-90s were actually way cooler than you remembered?

Ok that's it for now, I'll be back next week to talk about something banal.


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