Bad Moon on the Rise: The Wolfman transforms from bad to worse

First of all, I would like to reiterate that I hope that if people are interested in a movie, that they would still see it for themselves, not simply taking anyone's opinion as fact. With that out of the way, let me elaborate on my own opinions, mostly for my own benefit, since, really, who's reading this anyway:

In the case of The Wolfman

Since I can't bring myself to think any more on this film, I'm simply copying and pasting my review from my Flixster account. I mean all of these thoughts originate in my brain so the formatting, or copying to various formats shouldn't make a difference. I'd really only have to pay myself the copyright fees. Anyway, it was fairly abysmal and the short of it is that I gave it 1 star, but if you're curious for the long of it, or desire my more descriptive opinions on the subject, feel free to read below:

This movie has absolutely no idea what tone it wants to set. It's so over the top that I couldn't tell whether it wanted to be an homage and failing or if it wanted to be an edgier, gory remake, without achieving the edge. The visual effects were, again, either terrible on purpose or just plain bad, and the sad thing is, either way, at some point I stopped caring. I laughed out loud several times and despite the all-star cast, I felt like this bordered on camp at every turn. There were moments in Benicio Del Toro's dialogue where I was almost wistful for my days of high-school drama club, so I could at least sense even a hint of emotion. I felt no ties emotionally to any of the characters, and although Hopkins' villain is fun, I got the feeling that he was a bit like Gina Gershon in Showgirls, the only one in on the joke. Or maybe it's just one of those movies I didn't get.


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