The Great American Road Trip-Day 1

It's as American as Deep Fried Oreos, Pork Rinds and tractors on front lawns!  That's right, my vacation this year consists of that recession-economy staple, the great family road trip.  Now last time something like this was attempted (that meaning the last time we attempted an actual vacation that involved driving to the destination) I was roughly 5 years old and it resulted in what we now fondly call "the vacation from hell".  It's called that because it involved, in this order, blue smoke coming out of the tailpipe, an almost-removed gas tank, walking to 7-11, heat stroke at King's Dominion and a downpour in Washington D.C. that almost took out both my mother and myself, and worse, the camcorder.  I'm pleased to say that this trip has at least gotten off to a better start.
I'm almost positive of at least one thing: that at this point, our neighbors are convinced that what we do, at least once a year, is pack the car as practice for our "fleeing the eastern seaboard in preparation for the meteor-cause tidal wave" escape.  They can't possibly see all of that stuff going in the car and think that it's merely for vacation.  Right now, stuffing the mini-van to the brim is 3 adult-sized suitcases, several small bags (I've literally lost count), 2 kennels, 2 neck pillows, 1 real pillow, 4 sweatshirts/jackets, 1 cooler, 3 adult-sized people and 2 dogs.  This probably defies the laws of not only sanity, but also of physics.  What I'm going to do here is try to list the highlights of the day, in the categories I deem worthy, so that everyone can share in the joy and chaos that is sure to put Britney and K-Fed's reality show to shame:

Line of the Day:  In reference to New York Governor David Patterson's world series bribe: "Why would he need front row tickets to the game? He can't even..."-my mother

Greatest Feat of the Day:  Surviving Jersey and still having money for lunch after the toll fees (sorry Julie!)

Best Family Story I'd never heard before: My father literally got caught in the ringer.  As a child, he was helping my grandmother put clothes through the old-school ringer and got caught in up to the elbow.  Suddenly, I don't hold myself up to such high standards.

Blink Or You'll Miss It Photo Op:  There are two for this category.  One I was able to capture (barely) and one I just missed, sadly.  The first was the Washington Monument from a bridge crossing the Potomac; the other was a giant Paul Bunyan in front of a Log Cabin home builder.  I'm pretty sad about missing out on Paul.

Song of the Day:  Just My Imagination-The Temptations

Photo of the Day:


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