Late to the Party

So, in case you didn't know me in the mid-to-late 90s, I was only slightly cool.  I wasn't really cool, but I don't think I was necessarily the dredge of the cool barrel.  I was also slightly younger than the really really cool kids.  In 1994, I was 11, and therefore, was pretty much just listening to what either my friends or my parents were listening to, and sadly, in the coming years, they wouldn't be listening to a lot of Brit-pop.  This is all just expository to say that, I'm currently in the throes of BPTS (Brit-pop throwback syndrome) which means I'm really into Blur at the moment.  And Oasis.  And Ash.  And Pulp.  So given that, these 2 documentaries look completely fantastic!!

No Distance Left To Run:

Live Forever:


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