The Leaders of the Pack

Luckily, I live not far from a pretty great cinema.  A cinema that on occasions shows fanstastically great films.  This weekend, The Breakfast Club is showing, so of course, I couldn't help myself.  I might not be able to help myself tomorrow night and go see it again.  There's probably nothing that I can say that doesn't sound exactly the same as what other fans of John Hughes' movies would say.  That they completely changed me when I was a teenager, despite the fact that I was roughly a generation behind the curve.  That those movies hold a special place of nostalgia for me that will never go away.  That I know every line of The Breakfast Club and most lines of his other iconic movies.  I'm not unique.  I'm the same as everyone else who's ever loved a John Hughes movie, but I think, in a way, that was the point of his movies.  His movies got to the heart of what made every one on of us similar, the desire to be seen AND heard, the desire to fit in, the desire to be loved.  But before I get carried away again,  I really just wanted to write a quick intro to this well-timed NPR article

For the entire article click HERE

The cast of 'The Breakfast Club'

Happy Detention Saturday everyone!


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