Chuck- Pilot episode playlist:

It's back to school prep time and since it's been a while since I've been in school and because I sometimes still yearn for the days when I had assignments with specific guidelines and a clear end point, I'm giving myself a task.  Yes, I'm that bored.  So, since I have loved CHUCK since it first came on the scene, and since I wasn't quite as dedicated as I should have been last season, I'm going to go back and rewatch the series, thus far, despite that I still have last season's two-part finale on DVR (oh I've watched it (trust!) I just like having the ability to re-watch).  However, I'm going back and re-watching with a specific task:  To catalog as much of the music as I possibly can.
Ever since Dawson's Creek pretty much changed the way I felt about music in television, I've paid close attention to musical choices and CHUCK makes some of the best choices out there.  Perhaps it's because it seems to be produced by an extremely pop-culture savvy group of folks, or perhaps they just pay an extremely awesome music supervisor, but either way, after an episode of CHUCK I'm bound to be obsessed with at least one song that I haven't heard before, or a song that reminds me "I should have downloaded that weeks ago when I first heard it!".  So even though this is probably already out there on the internet, I'm putting this up on the blog, for my benefit, and for yours.  Your mission should you choose to accept it:  After each upload let me know what your favorite is, or maybe let me know what songs you think should be appearing on CHUCK'S radar.  I personally would be shocked if I didn't hear a Local Natives or Best Coast, The XX or the now-uber-plugged (thanks to Eat Love Pray) Florence + the Machine track in Season 4.

1. Teddybears- Cobrastyle

2. Beck- Cellphone's Dead

3. Jet-Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

4. Foreign Born-Into Your Dream  (they just happen to make an appearance too)

5. Journey-Any Way You Want It (sure it's only a ringtone, but it's a pretty great ringtone)

6. The Shins-A Comet Appears

So that's it for the pilot.  As an aside, I had forgotten just how funny the pilot is, throwing off cheeky lines like "Pedal Safe!" as Morgan exits and "Computer Emergency" by some stoner kid as the Nerd Herd Mobile plunges backwards down stairs during a pursuit.  Good stuff


lace said…
i vote for journey

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