In other News Just after Midnight

I love Youtube.  I MIGHT, just might love it more than Wikipedia.  When I'm angry at technology I have to remember these two things.  And without them, I wouldn't know about movies that like this:

or about tribute videos to those movies, like this:

I personally think that this tribute video would make a much better trailer than the actual, paid-for-by-the-studio trailer.  I understand that there are people in this world that are tired of this song and it's Garden Stateness, but I don't really get that.   Anyway, I'm putting this in my queue on Netflix, and it's going straight to the top, but it's one of those  that, thanks to Youtube and IMDB, I don't really need to see to know I'll love.  I'm just debating whether or not I order it on Amazon now or at least wait until the Netflix comes through to confirm.  Decisions, decisions.


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