2011 earworms

New Year's isn't quite here yet, but since I'm working part of New Year's Eve, I'm getting in some of those hours early.  Here's an idea that I had, at least for the group of people who read this.  It may only last two days (like most of my ideas) but I was thinking, who doesn't get really catchy, kind of awful songs in their head every single day?!  Plus on the radio station I usually listen to at work, 6 Music, they have their morning earworm segment, so I'm pretty much just copying them.  Essentially, I'll start posting my earworm of the day, and if other people want to make suggestions, you can either do so as a comment on here, or on my Facebook, if you're friends with me there, or on Twitter (@sufficientcynic) if that's you're preferred social neworking site.  At some point in the day, I'll decide on a fixed point if it seems like this idea has potential, I'll post the video for the earworm so that a) the person who had it will then be able to get rid of it and b) the rest of us will be able to feel ok about liking kind of crappy music at least once a day.  Because, let's face it, sometimes you just have to admit, rocking out to "Bette Davis Eyes" is kind of fun.  Plus getting your earworms out of the way clears room in your ear canal for good music!  Although I do reserve the right to not play a song if it's well and truly awful.  So if you're up for it, send on the suggestions!

I'll get you started:


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