Beach Boys Monday/Tuesday Punch

I've just finished watching Pirate Radio for the second time (I was one of the few who saw it in theaters, I think and the second time I have HBO to thank).  I've been meaning to buy it for a while, but due to my extensive Amazon wish list have been rather slow in getting to it.  A few weeks ago I had asked the question "what's the greatest film soundtrack?" and had several great suggestions.  If you have an additional suggestion, feel free to comment here, I don't want anyone to feel left out.  But Pirate Radio has to go on the list somewhere.
I've long had faith in Richard Curtis.  People scoff at the romantic-comedy genre, a genre which has seemingly just gotten worse once it was officially shortened to "romcom" a move for which I almost entirely blame Ashton Kutcher, but for a while from the late 80s until the early 2000s, some romantic comedies were quite good.  Richard Curtis wrote Notting Hill (don't lie you know you've watched it on TBS) and wrote and directed Love Actually, also known as the man's man's kryptonite, but I enjoy both and in particular, the use of "God Only Knows" at the end of Love Actually.
Since it is, technically, my favorite song of all time, I have no complaints whatsoever about the use of such a particularly perfect song in a film, even if it is slight emotional sabotage.  In a similar fashion "Wouldn't It Be Nice" is one of the last few songs to appear in Pirate Radio, and so, since I could decide which one to put on the blog, I'm putting both.  You're welcome, in advance, for the best way to end a Monday/begin a Tuesday!

I'm including this recording of God Only Knows mainly because it has the full record orchestration, and even though I think not everything is live, it's from 1969, Mike Love is wearing some sort of small animal as a hat, making him look even more foolish, Dennis looks super hot, and it's in general, the way you remember it sounding from Pet Sounds:

Here's another version because, if it's possible, I think Carl sounded better the older he got, and by 1996, I think he had come to love singing this song even more, just listen.

And then, here's "Wouldn't It Be Nice"


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