Before I Punch Something or Someone

Connecticut has been socked, again, by some behemoth of a snow storm, this time going by the name of "Denis".  I thought it was only supposed to be about half a foot, which at this point, seems like the equivalent of an inch.  I would have leapt around like some quarantined leper suddenly set free had it only been six inches.  As it stands, I walked out the door, sloshed through some newly melting snow and simply stared at my plowed in car.  When the snow is packed in up to the windows, I just don't even know where to start.  To fight through the frustration, I like to imagine that after this horrific winter is over, I'll get to finally have a fantastic year, including trips to places that are sunny in February and March, and perhaps some outdoor music festivals where I actually get to stay out in the night and it's a balmy 68 degrees, listening to fantastic music.  I feel like this is a song I would hear at  one of my imaginary festivals.  It's about the only thing that has kept me calm this morning.  With that being said, if you see me today and tell me how much you love snow, you can tell me which teeth you think you can live without and I'll punch you on that side of your face.


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