Matt Nathanson is usually an earworm for me anyway.  I've been into him since I first met him when I was on the Student Programming Council at Marist (yeah, I WAS that awesome) and have listened to him on and off in intense phases over the years.  He always reminds me of a time when things weren't what they are now.  I downloaded his most recent album, Some Mad World weeks before I went to India in 2008 and it was pretty much my soundtrack to my 3 months there.  His songs aren't always happy, but they're always comforting to me.  This one I just like singing really loudly in the car to and the title describes the way this week has felt.  Sorry for the overdramatics, but it has just been, one of those weeks, for lack of more description.

The video's a little artsy, but I love the song enough to let it pass.  My recommendation, listen to it first with your eyes closed and then watch the video.  I'm thinking you'll listen to this song more than once:


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