2010 Recap

The best part about the new year's is the amount of lists that can be produced.  "Best of" lists, "Worst of" lists, "Lists of" lists.  Alright, so the last one I made up, but don't be surprised if that becomes a buzz phrase of 2011, I'm calling it right now.  Since I'm still feeling motivated (in fairness it is only the 22nd hour of New Year's day, but I'm feeling good about 2011) here are a couple of lists I've come up with for digital posterity's sake.

The Year that Was (2010):

Top 5 Movies:

1. Inception
2. The Social Network
3. Black Swan
4. True Grit
5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 (in all fairness, there was a good likelihood that as long as David Yates made something closely resembling a movie this was going to make the list)

Top 5 Singles: Essentially the songs that I heard the first time and said to myself, "If I don't download this immediately, my life will be slightly missing something."

1. Nothing Like You-Frightened Rabbit (Swim Until You Can't See Land is worth a mention too)
2. No One's Gonna Love You-Band of Horses
3. Go Do-Jonsi
4. California Gurls-Katy Perry (trust me, I'm saddened to write anything that terribly misspelled, and especially anything ripping off the Beach Boys, but that song is super catchy and perfect for playing in the car while it's window-down weather)
5. Airplanes-Local Natives

Top 5 News Stories:

1. The Chilean Miners-seriously, sometimes I just want some alone time and I only live with two awesome roommates.  I can't imagine being stuck underground for two months with 32 other people.  If you somehow managed to miss it, please update yourself

2. The Gulf Oil Spill, courtesy of BP-The Gulf coast just can't seem to catch a break, and this year BP didn't offer them any help in that matter.  For 3 months oil gushed (it's the only instance in real life where I've had reason to use that verb to describe anything other than for blood) stemming from an underwater rig.  The full spectrum of problems and environmental effects have yet to be dealt with, and like most serious issues, seem to be conveniently forgotten now that money has entered the equation, but the marine life and coastal businesses probably won't be forgetting this one any time soon.

3. Wikileaks-Right around the time some strangely truthful documents surfaced, riling up the political likes of Hilary Clinton, and the entire country of England, courtesy of anonymous sources, Wikileaks found Julian Assange was taken into custody for some uniquely vague charges stemming from a business trip in Sweden.  Now, I'm a fan of theories by nature, and this whole issue just seemed a little too convenient, but either way, if you hadn't heard of Wikileaks by December, and you managed to find this blog, welcome back to civilization.

4. Natural Disasters - every year, it seems like, there's a natural disaster that seems worse than the previous ones and 2010 was no exception.
         - The Haitian Earthquake (January 12, 2010 killing 222,000)
         - Avalanches in Afghanistan and Pakistan
         - Heat Waves in Russia (killing around 15,000)
         - Floods in Tennessee (and Kentucky and Missouri)
         -The Iceland Volcano eruption
Here's hoping the Red Cross gets a break in 2011.

5. Facebook- You're on it all the time (and you know it), Mark Zuckerberg got Time's "Man of the Year" for it, The Social Network is based on it's founding and it just surpassed Google as the most trafficked Internet site.  Not a bad year for a website started in a dorm room.

Top 5 Sports stories

1. The World Cup- Spain took the ultimate prize, but probably the only thing that will be remembered are the vuvuzelas.

2. The New Orleans Saints-win the Super Bowl

3. LeBron James jumps ship-to Miami; Cleveland implodes

4. Tiger Woods is a jerk and his apology for infidelity makes national headlines.  Way to go US media

5. San Francisco Giants-win the World Series.  People forgot to watch one of the most exciting young teams in baseball because the Yanks, the Red Sox and the Phils didn't make the cut.

Top 5 Television Shows

1. Fringe
2. Glee
3. Rubicon
4. True Blood
5. Chuck

Top 5 names I'd be ok with NEVER HEARING AGAIN:

1. Snookie
2. The Situation
3. Anything ending in Palin (with the exception of Michael Palin)
4. Kim Kardashian
5. Lady GaGa

Overall theme of the year (personally)- Weddings and Babies.  It seems like a majority of my friends either got married or had babies, major milestones, so congratulations to all of the new additions and new unions!!

Now for the Year that Will Be (2011)

The list of things I'm looking forward to:

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2
2. Reading books I didn't get to last year (including Never Let Me Go, Cloud Atlas, and several classics)
3. Traveling (Austin, San Francisco, Vancouver, Australia, New Zealand, Stockholm, England, Croatia, and a bonus if it involves overnight train travel-hey a girl can dream)
4. Baseball season
5. Turning 28
6. Making more crafts
7. Attempting to paint (artistic painting, not walls)
8. Going on at least one roller coaster -once theme park season is in full swing (I think 2010 was the first year in a long time that I didn't do this)
9. Concerts (so far U2 is lined up, so I've got that going for me)
10. The Unexpected (but only the good unexpected)
11. Game of Thrones on HBO


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