Because it's sunny

Today feels like the first day of spring for some reason.  We've managed to have decent weather in March, but it did seem unseasonably cold for a while.  And then it was just gray for the last five days.  It was literally nothing but gray.  It wasn't even warm or cold just well, blah.  The sun finally has broken through. It's April and it's about to break 60 degrees and tomorrow is my birthday.  We're living in exciting times people!  On my way back from seeing Jane Eyre, I opened my sunroof and rolled the windows down and my Ipod offered up this suggestion.  It had been a while since I'd listened to Frightened Rabbit, but their show in October in NYC was a highlight of the last quarter of 2010, so I took it, and listened about two more times and realized it is indeed the most perfect first day of spring song, for some reason.  If you can think of a better one, I take your challenge, and feel free to post them.  Until then, just click this, listen, and feel free to dance around your home while the sunshine still streams through your windows.  It's ok, I'm giving you permission.


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